How to use competitive tracking software to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level

The digital marketplace is changing more rapidly than ever before. To stay one step ahead; marketers need to make smarter decisions, faster. The increased pressure means many organizations are turning to the agile methodology; not just for software design but to upgrade their marketing strategy.

However, the key element of agile marketing, filling the growth hacking backlog, can also be the most time consuming part. Marketers are spending hours looking for ideas to add to their backlog. What if you could automatically fill your marketing pipeline with a constant stream of concepts to test?

Better still, imagine developing a headline, Ad copy or call to action based on data not assumptions. If you could know, with some certainty, whether your online content would be successful before writing it – why would you do anything else?

All this, and more, is possible by adding data driven insights to your marketing toolkit! It is essential for marketers who want to automate repetitive tasks while conquering the competition. Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Automate competitor tracking to gather new marketing ideas

Automating competitive analysis allows companies to meet their customer’s needs more efficiently. It enables smaller companies to compete head-to-head with global conglomerates and can become a major source of competitive advantage. This is because, tracking your competition enables you to shorten your marketing cycle.

You can reduce the time you spend imagining campaigns and start building campaigns that drive results based on data.

5 ways real-time competitive analysis helps you:

  • Increase content engagement: Uncover the most attractive topics in your industry before writing & distributing content
  • Identify opportunities to outperform the competition: grow your company’s reach by targeting an expanded demographic with key messaging changes or respond to promotions faster by being the first to know and react
  • Discover new keywords: Stretch your PPC budget & bring in more qualified leads
  • Enhance your SEO & Search Ads: Optimize your website & landing pages based on consumer behavior
  • Confidently draw conclusions: improve your overall marketing strategy based on data not assumptions

Step 2: Connect your competitive intel to your project management tools

The key to all marketing experiments is a continuous cycle of planning, execution, evaluation and iteration. An online project management application, such as Trello, can help organize your marketing backlog and align your entire marketing team, from the digital team to design and copywriting.

Kompyte links into your existing workflow, by integrating with Trello. Send tasks, ideas, insights or experiments to your Trello marketing backlog, directly from Kompyte and manage your marketing team with total transparency.
Let your competition do the laborious work while you start testing strategies based on data. Kompyte displays all your competitor’s online marketing changes in one place. Just browse the platform and find ideas that you’d like to test in your own marketing strategy. Once you’ve found something that appeals to you, share it directly to your Trello boards from the Kompyte platform. From there, you’ll be able to carefully organize your ideas into their various stages of completion.

Step 3: Test your competitor’s ideas and measure improvement

Finally, begin testing your marketing ideas, noting the various levels of success and keeping track of the feedback you receive. Customer feedback of your marketing can be measured in various ways, including how often they’re hitting the “Check-out” button, focus on customer feedback and continue testing new content until you’ve found the best performing content for your company.

Linking Kompyte to Trello enables you to see where your latest marketing idea came from and you’ll easily be able to calculate the value of competitive intelligence insights on your sales funnel. Just keep track of which idea yields results by assigning unique URLs or offer codes. Remember, each company is unique and merely copying the competition will likely not yield the results you’re hoping for. Try different iterations of website copy or display ads until you find the best options for your company.

Traditional marketing is antiquated; agile marketing, fed by competitor tracking software, is the future of marketing. Competitor tracking software belongs alongside an agile marketing practice. It allows you to skip some of the tedious initial tests and start enhancing your marketing efforts today.

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