Mobile Ad Platform AppsFlyer Leverages Kompyte To Maximize Content Marketing and Discover New Keywords

AppsFlyer was founded in 2011, and since then it has helped companies around the world with their mobile ad tracking, optimization and analytics. News of their best-in-class mobile analytics platform spread quickly as companies needed more advanced tools to improve their transition to mobile advertising. AppsFlyer recognized right away that inbound marketing would be critical to their growth and made content and social media a focal point of their marketing strategy.

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The Move To Market-driven Editorial Content

With the mobile marketing and advertising market still in its infancy, AppsFlyer has to the play the role of educator and expert leader, in addition to being a top-tier service provider. It’s not enough to simply build and provide a solution. They need to educate their clients and target audience to best practices for rapid changes taking place in their clients’ respective industries.

In order to do so, they developed the MAMA Library and MAMA Café as resources on their website. The MAMA Library serves as a active learning database filled with the latest news and tips related to mobile attribution and marketing analytics, while the MAMA Café offers a regular round-up of relevant use cases and success stories from their global community.


However, creating two separate and distinct learning centers is a lot of work and demands a comprehensive content strategy to be successful as a lead-producing asset. In order to generate ideas and plan their editorial calendar, AppsFlyer turned to Kompyte to make sure those topics would attract traffic that converts.

The AppsFlyer Content Team uses Kompyte for planning their editorial calendar and researching new topics. It’s a valuable source of proven topics as they plan their content schedule one-month in advance and need to make sure the material they create is what their audience wants. With Kompyte’s real-time inbound tracking tool, AppsFlyer can see which topics are performing well in their target demographic and which themes are not.

The long-term planning system also gives them enough leeway to adjust their schedule when necessary. For example, Kompyte notifies them if a competitor recently shared an article with a similar theme as the one they are about to publish. With a deep editorial calendar Kompyte alerts them to when they need to change their order to avoid duplicating a competitor’s topic.

Before using Kompyte we relied on internal meetings to develop our editorial topics calendar.


Itay Waisman

Online Marketing Manager, AppsFlyer

New Keyword Ideas For AdWords & SEO

Itay, as the Online Marketing Manager uses Kompyte primarily for Google AdWords tracking to understand what keywords the competition is using and what customer segments they are targeting. This effort doubles as inspiration for developing SEO-relevant content surrounding the topics their audience is searching for. By tracking the appearance and performance of all relevant competitors in their space, AppsFlyer has an unparalleled opportunity to seize control over longtail keywords with a high rate of conversion. With Kompyte, AppsFlyer effectively takes advantage of the keyword strategies of ALL of their competitors and can learn from a much wider range of data, rather than just their own.

Optimizing Workflow Using Kompyte

Kompyte has optimized the way AppsFlyer manages their marketing workflow and content production processes. Itay, the Online Marketing Manager manages the account and receives the alerts and notifications to his inbox. In other circumstances, this may be intrusive, but for Itay, the email prompts let him delegate the relevant competitor updates to the right team member and discard the rest, thereby saving everyone’s time.

Since Kompyte offers unlimited team members with the basic account, each member of the content team can login directly when they need to research new ideas and see which topics are performing best with their target market. They also highlight, comment and share relevant competitor updates directly in the app if they catch a change in SEO or AdWords that needs someone’s attention.

The Future of AppsFlyer & Kompyte

AppsFlyer has already come a long way in maximizing it’s content marketing and keyword strategy using Kompyte, and they have plans to develop expand even further. Itay would like to apply Kompyte’s keyword tracking abilities to all all the different regions, industries and languages in which AppsFlyer operates. Furthermore, the content marketing team is now beginning to use Kompyte to track their competitors’ newsletters and email marketing campaigns, in addition to the content and social media marketing automation.