Competitive Benchmark

One click, one full report on your competitors KPI’s

Get a full overview on your competition

Benchmark all your competitors’ in a single report, compare their metrics to yours and guess how to improve your performance.

Traffic KPIs
  • Website Global Rank
  • Estimated Visits
  • Traffic Sources & Referrals
  • Paid & Oragnic Keywords
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Time On Site
  • Average Page Views
Activity Metrics
  • Website updates detected
  • Blog posting frequency
  • Updates tracked in Social profiles
  • New Search Ads published
Social Media
  • Activity tracked: twits, posts, etc.
  • Comunity size evolution
  • Engagement reached and engagement rates
  • in any social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
Search Engines
  • Search Enginge Rank Position by Keyword
  • Rank evolution by Keywords

Download it in PDF

Bring your benchmark anywhere. You can print and download a customizable benchmark report in PDF . Moreover, you can save your comments and notes to bechmark sections before printing.

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