In the last 20 years, the entrepreneurial phenomenon has spread to every corner of the world. The word “startup” is now a household name and millions upon millions of new entrepreneurs are trying their hand in the business world every year. What once was a path for the brave outliers (or young and imprudent), is now one of the most attractive and fastest growing employment sectors in the world: the startup world.

Here is my list of 5 reasons why everyone should work at a startup at least once in their careers:

No limits. And when I say no limits, I mean no limits. Unlike big organizations and multinationals where the tasks and objectives of each person are perfectly defined and you don’t have to ask for permission by endless procedures in order to be able to provide new ideas and implement them, in a startup it simply doesn’t happen. In a startup, you set your own limits, because you can always do more to accelerate growth. A new process can always be implemented, automated and improved to maximize results. When you work in a startup, you see the fruits of your work immediately and learn as much or even more than in the best business schools (and take it from someone who studies in one of them).

Passion. Like no other job you’ve had before, your startup becomes your baby. It is a part of you, you’re wearing the t-shirt on the weekends, you take advantage of any chance to explain how amazing your startup is, and you explain the story of how the founders thought about starting the company as if it were your own. You gush when you’re mentioned in one of the largest-publications of X, you jump when closing the first sales and you get angry when you miss out on something. Because in work, as in life, it’s not the same without passion. With passion, it’s always much more enjoyable!


The Kompyte team in action

Constant challenge. Do you like challenges? Do you like pushing yourself to see how far you can go? If so, you don’t have to sign up to run a marathon. Work in a startup! There’s a lot of pressure to move quickly and create real value in the market. This pressure is magnified when the founders are in pitch mode and meeting with investors, when the sales metrics are presented when the solution is presented to clients, etc. When you overcome these milestones it’s a brutal adrenaline rush!

Team. The relationship you have with your team is similar to the one you have with a brother. Just like that, inside the house, you can fight, but outside, if someone says something about your boss or your interns…be careful my friend! Because then the beast is unleashed. You’ve been working with these people side by side and late at night, weekends, whatever it takes, and you know in good faith that he or she gives it their all. You may have internal disagreements, but outside the office, you’re as thick as thieves.

Furthermore, throughout the long hours at the office, your team becomes your confessional booth and your unconditional support system and you offer the same to them because if your team is on fire, the whole company is on fire and then what happens? A startup with a team on fire is UNSTOPPABLE!

Flexibility. When I mention flexibility I refer not only to a flexible schedule (which startups usually offer) but that the flexibility in the startups occurs in a transverse way. This flexibility implies being able to run errands at mid-morning or likewise, giving it your all when the company needs you. It means rolling up your sleeves, embracing change, being versatile, and learning from each of the areas of the business. If you’re an all-terrain type person … This is your road!

¡WARNING! Working in a startup is special and it’s addictive because you have never been so involved in your work than when you’ve worked at a startup. You’ve never felt the success of your company as your own and you’ve never been so integral to your team as you are here. If you work in startup. . .Well, you know what I mean!