Tinder is just like sales! How many times did you hear this sentence? Well, sales and Tinder are not always the same, but when it comes to B2B inside sales… c’mon, they’re really close! You generate leads on a website or sending messages, you try to establish a tight connections using instant messaging, voice and video calls, and then you have to qualify the lead and see if he or she fits in your ideal persona/customer description to move into next steps and close the deal.

Can you see the similarity? Well, as long as most of salespeople agree that sales is 80% process and 20% art, most of Tinder users still believe in a kind of magic art that makes some users have much more dates than others… well, let me tell you a secret: it’s exactly the same as in sales! did you ever try to use a predictable and measurable process on Tinder? Moreover, did you ever tried to hack it? If your answer is no, maybe it’s time for you to think about it again.

Here are 7 common sales mistakes you’ll learn in Tinder.

1. Not having a method
Test, repeat, measure, improve. This is what a method is for. Having a tested method, a reliable process, is the first element for success in Tinder, and in sales. Try to systematically approach and manage all the leads in the same ways, and see what happens: measure your results. At the beginning you will loose most of them, but not all, focus in this success pills to improve your method.

2- Not optimizing and automating
Yes, there are toons of tools to automate your Tinder activity and optimize your funnels. You can use autolikers to avoid spending too much time checking profiles that will never match you: help your leads to pre-qualify themself before speding your time on them and A/B test cold messages to break the ice, etc.

Check every single step, and look how can you make it better or automate it. Funnel optimization is the best way to boost your sales results, specially when your method is ready.

3. Too early to break the ice? No! It’s too late!
Boom! You’ve got a new match! A new fresh lead registered for a trial. She’s looking at your pics, one after the other, checking out your features… There’s something magic when a user signs in for a very first time, feels kind of excited for the new experience. But it’s only for a few minutes, so don’t miss the chance and send your best opener right then, just after they log in. Your contact rates will improve dramatically.

4. Getting lost in conversations
You finally connected with your new lead, now it’s time to move it into the next steps in the funnel: a demo call in Inside Sales or asking for a date in Tinder . However, you never know when it’s the right moment to do it… it always seems to be too early, so keep talking and talking to your lead.

Ok, here’s the point: as soon as you get to make some kind of connection with the lead, it’s time to ask for it. If they say no, then you can just keep talking, and try it again later.

5. Underestimating your competition
Are you a boy? have you ever seen the girl you like playing Tinder? It’s crazy!! If not, go and check it now. Doesn’t care how good is your profile: there’re just a few chances for you to get a Yes, and yet you still have to compete with hundreds of other guys and beat them.

People has tons of matches in their Tinder accounts, what makes you think that you are going to be the one they will answer today? then you may say: “No, I’m different!!”. Really? How can you be so sure if you never look at their profiles?

Talk to people, see what are they doing and try to guess what works for them to get more dates, and test it. There’s always a good friend ready to open his or her Tinder account for you to check 😉

Tracking your competitors and learning from them is one of the best ways have to improve your sales processes, and Tinder’s 😉

6. Fucking up the date
Okay, you got it! your lead accepted a customized training session. Now it’s time to show all the wonderful features your product has? NO! Now it’s time to guess what the hell is going to make you close the deal, to figure out what special need has to be covered by your product. I call it “the gap”.

Once you make it to the last stages of a funnel, one thing is clear: you like. So you only have to not to fuck it up, got it? here’re the only 3 things you have to do: Be amazing, shut up and look for a gap to open.

7. Coffee is only for closers
You did everything fine: qualified and contacted the lead, you created a personal connection and finally, arranged for a customized session that has been great, you’ve already done all the investment and you’ve learnt a lot…. but you know what? we all know why are you in sales, why you opened a profile in Tinder… And now is the moment to do it. The last mile.

Did you find the gap? Fine, go and open it. Leverage on your unique solution to your lead’s needs to handle the last objections and close the deal. Once you get to this point just before closing there’s only one rule: make it flow. You already did all the investment, all you energy is in that deal, so don’t be afraid of using discounts, promotions, goodies or any other tricks you can to close it. Whatever it takes.

And have fun making… customers 🙂