The competitive intelligence platform that helps companies track their competitors in real-time has officially entered the world-renowned 500 Startups program.

Kompyte, a Barcelona-based startup that enables marketers to monitor all of their competitors’ online strategies in real-time thanks to their automated tracking technology, announced today that they are joining the famous 500 Startups accelerator program in Silicon Valley, USA. Having launched just two years ago with the support of the Conector accelerator in Spain, the company declared their strategic focus on the US market after closing a 2015 investment round led by NYC-based VC Rose Tech Ventures. Kompyte has gone onto build a particularly strong client portfolio in North America including several Fortune 500 companies.

By moving into the 500 Startups HQs in Mountain View, CA this fall, the SaaS company joins one of the world’s top accelerators that produced highly successful companies such as Twilio and Lyft. As part of the program’s 19th batch of startups, Kompyte will receive a cash injection from the 500 Startups fund, access to hundreds of world-leading mentors and distribution partners, and an innovative workspace in Mountain View.

We’re very excited to join the 500 Startups accelerator program and follow in the footsteps of successful SaaS companies like Sendgrid and TalkDesk” say CEO Pere Codina. “The move also immediately plants the Kompyte flag in the epicenter of Silicon Valley, a strategic target for our business development activities in North America.”

The need for marketing automation software has reached a tipping point as thousands of new startups coming into existance to meet the niche demands of a complex and diverse global digital economy. In fact, since 2011 the number of B2B companies who are using marketing automation has increased eleven-fold. Tools that provide information about competitors are particularly successful with companies such as Ahref, SEMrush or Moz being household names in the marketing industry. The inclusion of Kompyte’s automated competitor tracking software is just the latest confirmation of this trend. As more and more information is being published in the digital world, marketing tools are required to seize the emerging opportunities instantly and respond to necessary threats before they can inflict any long-term damage. Kompyte acts as a failsafe by automatizing the competitor analysis process and making sure their customers are never caught off guard.

As the group’s CEO Pere Codina puts it: “Kompyte reinvents the way companies compete on the Internet allowing you to monitor all online channels. Now they can be more efficient: in real-time”. Certainly, Kompyte has already made their impact felt by adding a totally new dimension to digital marketing and reinventing how competitors are tracked online.

Kompyte is a Competitive Intelligence software that tracks and analyzes competitors’ activity in real-time. The automated tracking approach alerts users to important changes and updates in competitors’ digital strategies, which gives them the power to respond in a fast and effective way. Founded in 2014 in Barcelona by CEO Pere Codina, COO Alberto Colmenero and CTO Sergio Ramírez, the group knew each other very well after studying together at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain and working together for another of their startup’s, Cocosoft. The company enjoyed great success from the beginning and quickly set its sights on the fast growing marketing automation market USA. In 2015 they closed several partnership deals in the States and reached another milestone by raising fresh funds from New York’s VC firm Rose Tech Ventures. With a strong customer base in the USA and by entering the 500 Startups program, the future looks promising.

500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley with over $250M in committed capital. With its two main locations in Mountain View and San Francisco, they invest in a wide variety of technology startups all over the world. Since their inception, they added almost over 1,500 companies to its portfolio and boast great success stories such as Credit Karma, Grab, Twilio, Udemy, Ipsy, TalkDesk, Intercom, MakerBot, Wildfire and Viki. With a team of 150 people they manage early stage investments in 20 countries. Their Accelerator programs focus on internet marketing and customer acquisition, design and user experience, as well as lean startup practices and metrics. Via their Distro programs they deliver growth hacking and funding for seed-stage firms and through their investment team and mentorship network they provide access to experts from firms such as PayPal, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Apple.