The first “Competitive Intelligence Platform” monitors competitors in real-time to drive new insights in marketing

In 2006, recent graduates Pere Codina and Albert Colmenero started their first company, a software development firm. In what would become a life-altering event, Pere and Albert watched as one of their top clients lost 30 percent of their sales revenue in just one week, all because a competitor had updated an updated Google advertisement to announce free shipping.

The client was completely caught off-guard, and the seeds were planted for the first competitive intelligence platform, Kompyte.

Kompyte provides a complete, 360-degree view of the competition, monitoring their websites, blogs, social media, search results and keyword campaigns providing immediate insights into competitors’ strategy.

With Kompyte, product and marketing teams get real-time alerts when competitors change pricing, launch a new feature or integration, start targeting a new niche, or when their search rankings change.

It even detects new competitors the same day they launch.

Kompyte automatically collects relevant data that would normally take weeks or months to collect manually, turning it into actionable insights for marketing or product teams looking to gain an advantage.

Using Kompyte is as simple as entering a list of competitors. Once a competitor is entered, Kompyte starts monitoring immediately, providing insights into what’s working for the competition so companies can adjust their roadmap accordingly and optimize their value proposition.

An easy reporting feature is built into the Kompyte platform, generating a vast set of marketing KPIs that can be exported to PDF in a single click.

Marketing teams all over the world are using the platform to gain insights not just into what the competition is doing, but what’s working for them.

Kompyte customers are never caught off-guard. With a competitor and keyword detector, the user can act faster and respond accordingly without scrambling to find out what happened.

Codina, Colmenero and IT genius Sergio Ramirez launched Kompyte in May 2015, and already count more than 70 companies among their paying customers. On September 12, they’ll demo Kompyte at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Interested users can sign up now at , Subscription plans start at $125 per month, and enterprise plans are available for larger firms.


About TechCrunch Disrupt

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