Want to create the best content and track your competitors’ inbound marketing results?  Follow these helpful tips to get the most value from Kompyte’s Inbound Marketing tracking tools.

Get The Big Picture

Track all of your competitors’ inbound marketing strategies and the impact it’s having on your audience. Learn from your competitors’ inbound insights and data, not just your own.


The Setup

Make sure Kompyte is tracking the right social media profiles and blogging platforms to get the most valuable intel from their results.

Tracking social profiles:

In the Competitor section, select the competitor you’d like to track and click on “Social Profile Settings” to add, remove or modify the URLs for each one.



Tracking blog activity:

Tracking your competitors’ blog articles will provide your team with all of the valuable insights of which content is having the most impact on your audience. Check your Benchmark section to make sure that Kompyte is tracking the correct Blogs.


Checking the timelines

Review your competitors’ social media and blog posts in real-time under the Timeline section. These live updates are sortable by date, impact and engagement filters and provide an at-a-glance overview of what you competitors are publishing.



Classify using tags:

Use Tagging feature to classify content by topics, article types, to do’s, great campaigns, etc. Useful tip: You can assign more than one tag per update.

Save important updates:

Use the “Star” button to highlight and save content and topics that are proven to perform well among your audience. You can always access these saved items from your Dashboard menu under “Updates > Favorite Updates”.

Make Comments (Take Notes):

Did you find an interesting topic in your competitor’s blog or social profiles?  Something they published is performing better than expected? Use the comments to take notes before you forget it.


Checking the Benchmark

Stay in context:

Be sure that you’re tracking the engagement rate and impact of your competitors’ performance over time and in comparison to the rest of the competition. Kompyte’s Benchmark tool organizes your competitors marketing real-time data for simple review, all in real-time.


Make Comments (Take Notes):

When you spot an interesting trend or detect a competitor change in the Benchmark section make a note using the comments function. Do it immediately as not to forget.


Take action

Set a weekly meeting with your team to review your competitors’ content and social media marketing results. Together, you will gain new insights and keep your editorial calendar filled with engaging topics and tactics proven to spark engagement.

Test your competitors’ ideas:

When you have identified topics or posts that are performing well for your competitors, you can test similar content on your blog, social media or newsletter campaigns repositioned for your brand and target audience.

Redefine your goals:

By benchmarking your content marketing and social media strategy against your competitors results, you’ll have the latest market intel necessary to adjust your strategy and objectives moving forward.

Download and share reports:

Export benchmark PDF or CSV and share with your team all the insights, comments, and analysis Kompyte has collected.