Want to get the most value from Kompyte’s Product Marketing tracking tools? Follow these simple tips and best practices to always stay one step ahead of the innovation taking place in your industry.

The Setup:

Make sure that Kompyte is optimized correctly for tracking your competitors’ product marketing campaigns.  

Track the right URLs

Be certain to include each competitor’s home page, product pages (benefits) and pricing pages. If you’re specifically tracking pricing or their copywriting, be sure to include their landing page URLs here as well.

It’s also recommended to label all the URLs depending on the type of page, for example, Features, Industries, Pricing, …


Getting Into A Routine:

Nothing is more critical to your success than establishing a regular routine to monitor your competitors’ product updates. Afterall, it’s hard to know if you caught anything if you never check the net.

Review over coffee:

The best time to check your updates is in the morning with your daily cup of joe. We recommend checking early in the day so you have time to catch any new changes and notify the right people on your team.

Keep it short:
Once configured, your Kompyte dashboard will provide a comprehensive overview in less than 5 minutes per day.
Classifying Updates:
Kompyte’s useful tools help you categorize, favorite, comment, tag, share and discard your competitor updates.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 18.14.32

Process your inbox:

You inbox will showcase the latest competitor updates. Review the relevant updates by clicking on “show details”.


Classify using tags:

Use the tag icon to mark a competitor update into a specific category such as “pricing”, “landing page”, “home page”.

We also recommend creating “urgent” and “to-do” tags for competitor update categories. Useful tip: You can assign more than one tag per update.

Save important updates:

Click the star icon to highlight updates that you need to return to later. Use this when a competitor update is important but not urgent.

Make comments on updates:

Use text cloud icon to write notes on any competitor update for later analysis with your team. Do this immediately after noticing the change when it’s still fresh in your head.

Email urgent updates directly to your team:

When an urgent update occurs, tap the email icon and send it to the right person on your team for immediate review.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 18.18.10

Archive “seen” updates:

The folder icon let’s you archive the competitor updates once you have checked them. Maintaining a clean inbox ensures the most relevant and important competitor updates are seen.

Working as a team:

Tracking your competitors is a team effort and not all competitor updates are relevant to all departments on your team. If your team is classifying the updates correctly as outlined above, you’ll save time and react faster when urgent action is required.


The star icon let’s you highlight the important, but not necessarily urgent, competitor updates. Quickly access these saved items from your Dashboard menu under “Updates > Favorite Updates”.


Filter by tags:

When you’re searching the Favorite Updates, you can filter by the tags you have created, such as “To Do” or “Urgent”. Using these shortcuts your team will learn, react and counterattack your competitors’ updates as fast as humanly possible.