Want to create the best content and track your competitors’ search marketing results?  Follow these helpful tips to get the most value from Kompyte’s Search Marketing tracking tools.

Why is this important?

If you’ve ever run an AdWords campaign then you know that every dollar spent not converting new leads is a loss. If a competitor has a long-running ad campaign with the same copy, you better believe that it’s converting well. The question you must ask yourself is: Is it converting better than my own?

By tracking your competitors’ AdWords campaigns, SEO and Landing Page copy you’ll have all of their data to test against your own campaigns and optimize accordingly. Here’s how to find competitor keywords that convert!

The setup

First, make sure Kompyte is tracking the right keywords that are most relevant to your core business and that of your direct competitors.



Process your inbox

You inbox will showcase the latest updates to your competitors’ search marketing strategies. Review the relevant updates by clicking on “show details”.




Classify using tags:

Use the tag icon to mark a competitor update into a specific category such as “ad copy”, “landing page”, “home page”. We also recommend creating “urgent” and “to-do” tags for competitor update categories. Useful tip: You can assign more than one tag per update.

Save important updates:

Click the star icon to highlight updates that you need to return to later. Use this when a competitor update is important but not urgent.

Make comments on updates:

Use text cloud icon to write notes on any competitor update for later analysis with your team. Do this immediately after noticing the change when it’s still fresh in your head.

Email urgent updates directly to your team:

When an urgent update occurs, tap the email icon and send it to the right person on your team for immediate review.

Archive “seen” updates:

The folder icon let’s you archive the competitor updates once you have checked them. Maintaining a clean inbox ensures the most relevant and important competitor updates are seen.

Test their results against your own

Add your competitor’s’ SEO and the Landing Pages where their ad links are directed. Identify the call to actions and run an A/B test against your own ad copy in a new campaign to see which performs better.

Identify the best keywords

Kompyte’s Before & After Time Machine shows you plainly which changes your competitors made to their web copy and metadata that has increased (or decreased) their SEO ranking.

Navigate through the updates faster by clicking on the green (recently added) and red (recently removed) bullets.

Discover new and potential competitors

By tracking specific keywords, you’ll be alerted every time a new competitor enters your industry or changes their strategy. This is a great way to stay on top of new threats, but also indirect competitors that are operating in adjacent markets and may be running tests on your target audience.



Discover new keywords

Just like consumer behavior, your highest performing keywords will evolve and change over time. Track your competitors’ website content, landing pages, keywords and backlinks to identify what SEO strategies are working best in your industry.