We write a lot about marketing innovation here. Tracking your competitors’ website updates, hacking their landing page optimization, and uncovering which content gains the most traction on social media are just a few of the devastating weapons found in Kompyte’s repertoire. However, any powerful machine learning AI engine worth its salt can blow the doors off conventional tracking software and enter the big leagues of innovative competitor analysis. Here’s how remove the restrictor plate from Kompyte’s engine and use our game-changing technology to detect your competitors’ product road map.

Let’s say you are tracking a competitor that, like your own company, has several mobile apps that they offer in their product suite. Most likely they’ll showcase the entire list on their product page or even right on the home page. It would also stand to reason that they will add or remove their apps and products from these pages when they decide to release a new app or discontinue an existing one. Still with me? Good, here’s where it gets interesting.

competitor product road map kompyte

Kompyte’s Before and After Time Machine caught ACME’s removal of the ACME Manager app in real-time.

A few weeks back, Kompyte detected that ACME discontinued their “ACME Manager” app. This alert took place in real-time and anyone that was trackingACME on Kompyte received an immediate and urgent alert that something was amiss. After all, if you’re playing the email marketing game at this level,ACME is undoubtedly one of you’re top competitors, so when they make a drastic move like this, Kompyte’s going to let you know about it.

If you’re aACME competitor, or have a similar product currently in R&D, how can you best interpret and act on this information? What questions will this revelation stir up in your next board meeting?

MaybeACME decision to kill their Manager app will force you to reconsider your product strategy, or perhaps help you halt your own R&D before your waste too many resources. It could be that ACME size disqualified them from pursuing this market, but by stepping out of the way, they opened the door to massive market share gains for your company in this space.

These are all strategies you’ll need to develop within your management and product teams, however the most critical element of this whole charade is TIMING. The sooner you know about ACME’s strategic decision to discontinue their app, the sooner you can analyze your options and take action. You’re probably not checking the product pages of all of your competitors on a daily basis, nor should you be. Kompyte let’s you put your competitive analysis on autopilot and saves you from the embarrassing phone call from your lead investor that your competitor made a massive move and your team missed it because you weren’t paying attention.

Optimize Your Product Roadmap, features monitoring

ACME added a new feature to its product

It’s not just product page updates or pricing changes that need to be tracked. Your best competitors will only get better and faster at experimenting, iterating and launching new products in the future. Your competitors’ beta programs will have semi-private launches and Kompyte can tell you whether they’re good enough to go public or get thrown to the scrap heap…at the EXACT moment that decision is made! You’re going to need every advantage possible to track your competitors’ progress, but at the same time you can’t take your eyes off you’re own innovation and product launch cycles.

Tell you what, you keep innovating and we’ll continue to tap you on the shoulder when a competitor makes a relevant change to their product road map. That way you’ll always be one step ahead of what’s happening and ready to respond.