Every good marketer understands the power of SEO for business success. After all, if your company’s name doesn’t show up on the first page of search engines, it basically doesn’t exist to the digital community of 3,6 billion internet users. However, most keywords are highly competitive and will yield hundreds of thousands of results for almost any search query. This makes identifying your main SEO rivals manually virtually impossible and highly inefficient. That’s why most marketers prefer to use a keyword competition checker tool.

How to use a keyword competition checker for SEO

In order to truly master SEO, you need to understand who you are competing with and what your target keywords are. Tools that give you insights into keyword competitors are essential for both of these. Here’s how leading marketers use them to optimize search engine performance:

Identify competitors

Competitor identification is the first step in any competitor analysis framework and it’s a crucial step for creating a powerful SEO strategy. Start off by considering your product or service and imagining what terms your ideal customer might be using when searching for content related to your solution. In just a few minutes, you’ll end up with a fairly extensive list.

Use digital tools to find out instantly what businesses and organizations rank well for the keywords you’d like to target. Analyse the data to identify which competitor names are showing up most often – these are your keyword competitors. But don’t stop there, take a deeper look at them to truly understand the landscape: who are the most relevant rivals? What SEO strategy do they use? What other keywords do they target? SEO tools will provide you with the answers.

Find the best keywords

Brainstorming different keyword ideas is simple, but nailing down the best ones is much more complex. You’ll need to consider many different elements such as keyword search volume, search results, competition, and their domain authority, backlinks etc to estimate the difficulty to rank for a given keyword and its potential. A keyword competition checker will help you gather data on all these factors and give you additional keyword suggestions by exploring your rivals. Once you’ve completed the research into your potential keywords, use filters to structure your data, gain insights and highlight which keywords you should focus first.

Monitoring your competition

SEO is not a one-off project that you carry out once in a while. We’re living in a high-paced world where Internet usage and traffic are growing every day. Approaches that worked last month may not work today. Keyword competition checkers enable you to monitor your competitor landscape constantly and identify new rivals, strategies and search engine performance fluctuations of both your business and your competitors’ in real-time. This access to live data can easily give you a competitive advantage as it will open up a world of data-driven marketing.


A keyword competition checker is a useful tool at any stage of the SEO process. Leverage it to identify your main rivals, understand their strategy and find the best keywords for your businesses. Finally, make sure that you’re tracking your competitors continuously in order to react in time to new strategies and spot new opportunities before everybody else does.