Redesigned platform combines the most advanced AI-driven competitive insight tracking with first-class customer success expertise to drive customer market leadership

As companies across all industries struggle to navigate the new realities of doing business in an increasingly turbulent global economy, many are grappling to find an edge as competition becomes more fierce. To address the urgency of this economic Darwinism, Kompyte, the technology leader in competitive intelligence tracking, is excited to announce significant platform enhancements and a UX redesign of their Competitive Intelligence Automation Platform.

Understanding the importance of companies proactively monitoring competitor activities to gain a competitive edge, Kompyte designed the new platform, Kompyte Phi, with one central tenet: deliver future-ready competitive tracking technology with first-class customer success expertise to drive market opportunity for customers. Built on the industry’s only fully artificial intelligence-driven platform, Kompyte Phi allows customers to fully automate and go deep and broad across digital landscapes to track, collect, curate, analyze, and disseminate actionable competitive insights to stakeholders.

In addition to the deep data collection across a broader spectrum of data sources, the new release presents a completely redesigned UX interface for a better and more engaged user experience. The platform has also added enhanced automated workflows that seamlessly deliver strategically relevant competitive insights in real-time. Through technology integrations with applications customers already use including CRM, marketing automation, collaboration and communication tools, teams are able to create a single source of truth via a single pane of glass.

“We are at an inflection point in the market where agile businesses need broad visibility into the competitive landscape in order to succeed,” comments Pere Codina, co-founder and CEO of Kompyte. “To that end, we are pleased to offer the next evolution of competitive intelligence automation with Kompyte Phi. Our goal is simple: to help our customers win more deals. And providing a better understanding of their competition, as well as driving automated, actionable intelligence, are both critical components to companies outflanking the competition and driving market leadership.”


Kompyte’s competitive intelligence automation platform is the industry’s only fully AI-driven solution to address the challenges Marketing and Sales professionals face in keeping track of their competitive landscapes. Kompyte automates the process of tracking across the broadest spectrum of digital channels, diving deep and wide into competitive intelligence gathering and insight delivery to help customers rise above the noise in crowded industries and gain market leadership. Kompyte provides customers the tools to track, compile, analyze, and deliver key, real-time strategic insights to the right teams, thus enabling better messaging, positioning, product development and revenue capture. To learn more visit