Kompyte makes it easier to share, manage and analyze your competitive intelligence data

Kompyte has been listening to your feedback. We worked hard to enhance the platform with your requests and are pleased to announce the following new features.


Enhanced BenchMarks

Manage sharing, create teams and customize notifications

Sharing Controls

Ensure that only completed BenchMarks are viewable. By default, only the creator will be able to view the BenchMarks until access is granted to other users, you can think of this as a draft function. When you’re ready to share the BenchMark you can set specific user permissions including view only, edit or manage.

Team Management

Manage preferences or change permissions for Teams with one-click. Share BenchMarks with only certain teams such as Corporate versus Sales.

Custom Notifications

Users may subscribe to receive updates to an entire BenchMark or only receive updates to specific traits (columns). For example, a user may not care if the number of employees increased so they can choose to only be alerted about BenchMark changes they feel are relevant.

Users may also subscribe to BenchMarks, even if they do not manage it, so they can receive email alerts each time a Benchmark is updated by another user.


New Account User Types, Teams & Permissions

Kompyte enables you to manage your team’s space with two new user types

Previously, Kompyte offered Admin or User user types. We listened to your feedback and added two new user types Sales & Viewer. The following access is granted based on each of Kompyte user type:

Sales | Allows targeted access to only the BenchMarks feature. This includes Battle Cards, Reports & Chrome / Firefox extensions. Enables your sales team to quickly see and edit sales data and eliminates non-sales distractions.

Viewer | Includes all Sales features plus access to view all data in the platform. Viewers cannot change platform configurations such as remove or add a tracked website, competitor etc. They can comment, tag and share updates.

User | Enjoys all the Viewer features plus the ability to make platform configuration changes including adding or removing competitors, keywords, URLs, social accounts or blogs and Battle Cards creation. They cannot manage users or payment details.

Admin | Manage the full scope of your team’s Kompyte account. Includes all User features plus the ability to add or remove users, and manage billing data.

You can also create Teams to make BenchMark sharing easier, for example, you may choose to create a Sales team or a Corporate team and share only applicable BenchMarks with each team.


Cisco Spark Integration

Share Competitor Updates, Marketing Ideas & Reduce Emails in your Inbox

Send Kompyte competitor’s updates directly to your team with the Cisco Spark integration. Is Spark your company’s main communication channel? Set Kompyte to automatically send competitor alerts directly to Cisco Spark.