Every once and a while, we have to take a break from posting amazing, knock-your-socks-off content, in order to update our customers on the latest and greatest competitor tracking product in the world. We save all of our developer team’s updates for weeks and finally, in one blowout post, we share with you the most powerful, important and jaw-dropping improvements to the Kompyte platform. Hyperboles aside, we have to tastefully mix our product updates into the regular production of insightful content on the Kompyte blog, otherwise, the dev team will secretly plan our demise. So without further ado, here are the new product features the Kompyte team has been working on and how they will benefit your business.

1.  Let your competitors show you the content that works best for them

If you’re selling online, you’re already well-versed in the power of content marketing. News flash: your competitors are too. Instead of throwing a bunch of content online and hoping for the best, why not receive the hard metrics of how well each post is performing relative to your competitors’ efforts. With Kompyte’s new content and social update, you can see which articles and social media posts are receiving the most engagement and use that information to create the content your target audience cares about.

How exactly does Kompyte help you identify great content?

Your “Content Updates” section now shows you the Engagement and Impact of all new content (your content and your competitors’ content) so you know exactly which blog articles performed best. Engagement shows you how the content is performing in absolute terms regarding shares and likes on social media, while Impact compares the performance of each piece of content relative to each competitors’ average post. If you switch to “Benchmark” view you’ll see exactly how often your competitors are posting and which days and times receive the most activity.

It’s not just for content either, you can now analyze your competitors’ social media posts in the same way:

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2.  When it comes to SEO, less is more.

In order to avoid non-urgent updates, the new default setting for SEO tracking will only tip you off to the most relevant changes in the battle for page one. You will now only see updates related to a SERP page change (like when a competitor moves from page 2 to page 1 in the search results), as well as any changes to the TOP 3 positions of a keyword you are tracking. The remaining updates are always available by simply by deselecting the “Most Relevant Only” checkbox.

3.  The devil is in the details

Often times it’s the little changes that make the most impact. We’ve updated several existing features to provide deeper insights and capture even the slightest changes to your competitors’ digital strategies. Kompyte’s web TimeMachine now let’s you highlight, share and archive any competitor updates instantly while using the TimeMachine tool. This means it’s easier and faster for you to spot changes made to a competitor’s website, save them for future analysis or share them with your team.

4.  Zoom-in Benchmark charts

Sometimes you might want to dig a little deeper into your competitor Benchmarks. If you want to see a Benchmark chart in a more detailed format, you can zoom in by left-clicking.

competitor benchmark tool - kompyte

5-9.  Honorable mentions

These updates may not make the headlines, but in our soft and cushy world where kids get participation awards and prizes just for showing up, we wouldn’t want the following improvements to feel left out. These are the “also-rans” of September’s product update:

  • Did you forget to enter your website during the on-boarding process? Not to worry, you can now add or update your own website URL in the “My Business Profile” section.
  • If a competitor makes an update but it appears on multiple URLs, like in the footer & the menu bar, Kompyte now merges all the alerts into one.
  • The Keyword Suggestion Tool now includes information regarding which competitors are bidding on paid ads for your specific keywords.
  • Is an alert not relevant? Now you can discard suggested competitor alerts and suggested keywords alerts to make Kompyte tailor-made for your business.
  • Lastly, no product update would be complete without the totally ambiguous phrase: “other minor bug fixes”

Alright, people. There’s nothing to see here. Move along. You’re not getting paid to read blog articles. Get back to work and let Kompyte handle the competition.