Christmas is a comin’ and we are excited to show you the new product features we’ve been working on these last few months! Every so often our tech team comes out of their innovation cave and drops some knowledge on the future of competitor tracking, marketing technology and the science behind Kompyte’s core engine. While they can’t disclose what they have in store for us in 2016 (yet), they were so kind as to show us the latest improvements that they’ve made to Kompyte. Without further ado, here are the latest Kompyte competitor tracking product updates and and how they will benefit your business in 2016!

Welcome page

We know every marketing discipline has its own needs and milestones, so that’s why we’ve added a new welcome page where you can see all of the insights and best practices for Inbound Marketing, Search Marketing, Promotions Marketing and Product Management.

Now you can enjoy live data to compete smarter in every marketing discipline.

Brand New Time Machine

We are proud to introduce the new Kompyte Time Machine! The Time Machine clearly displays any changes to your competitors’ websites down to the tiniest detail and is now equipped with these amazing new features:

  • Navigate through Next and Previous updates without leaving the Time Machine area
  • Comment and Share updates within the Time Machine itself

Discover New Web Updates: User Interaction, Hidden and Non-Visible Updates.

Do your competitors use dropdown menus or sliders?  

Now Kompyte shows you updates within these areas that are hidden until the visitor moves their mouse and hovers over a dropdown display.

Are your competitors updating their Titles, Meta descriptions, or adding new technologies to their website code?

We can even detect invisible changes and tell you whenever a competitor makes an update, even when it’s hidden in the code.

Download Benchmark PDF Reports

Now you can export Benchmark Reports to PDF so they are easily sharable with your team.

Just click on Download as PDF button, select those tabs you want to include in the report, and in few minutes Kompyte will send you an email with a valuable PDF report.

Do you have traffic from outside the US? Now capture SEM Rush data from other countries

Since we added SEM Rush data few month ago, some of you have asked about having SEM Rush data from outside (US). Now, in your account setting, you can select from which country you want to receive SEM Rush data. Just choose a country and Kompyte will provide you with SEM Rush data specific to users searching from that country.

New Google search engines added

We’ve also added some new Google search engines! Now you can add and track keywords from (Bangladesh), (Netherlands), (Greece)

What’s Next?

In 2016, keep an eye out for a revolutionary shift in the digital marketing landscape. Marketing automation and social media tools will help companies personalize their approach to their various customer segments. The more specific and customized the marketing approach, the more effective it will be in capturing new clients and driving new revenue.

Kompyte will continue to support your success in these new areas by leveraging ALL of your competitors’ data, not just your own. So make your New Year’s Resolution count:  In 2016, I will no longer rely ONLY on my data and KPIs. In 2016, I want to see EVERYONE’s data and KPIs and make better data-driven decisions for my business.

Well, Christmas came early. Sign up for Kompyte today and become a data-driven marketing team in the new year!