Have you been taking notes of what you’ve found using Kompyte? Great! Because from now on, Kompyte is giving your Notes a VIP treatment inside the platform:

All the comments you write about your competitors’ actions are now collected, summarised and displayed in the competitor profile, as well as in the dashboard.

Why? Because Competitive Intelligence is not about what they do, it is about what YOU learn.

The real competitive intelligence

While writing down the best practices, we realized that the most experienced users of Kompyte take lots of notes, keeping track of anything they catch from their competitors’ moves when processing the timelines and analysing the benchmarks.

Then, they collect these notes in documents & reports to share with teammates, so that everybody in the company can see what the competition is doing, and leverage these insights to take action.

You see that? Your notes, what you’ve learnt about your competitors, are the real intelligence.

Organising your intelligence, easier than ever

As you know, we’re working hard to build the Top #1 Competitive Intelligence solution, the first one that really helps companies keep track on all their competitors’ moves, see the big picture, and leverage it.

That’s why we are proud to announce this new feature on Kompyte: Kompyte Notes.

Our tracking engine is working 24/7 to process tons of data in real-time and provide you organized tracking information about your competitors’ moves, however, we do know there is still manual work to do on creating insights from all this information and handling them.

The new Kompyte’s notes system helps you recording this work. It collects all the notes you take in the comments, and list them organised under every competitor’s profile.

So that you can always go there, check what you wrote down, and check the insight.

Moreover, you can export PDF reports with all the insights you collected, share them with your teammates, and bring them printed to your meetings.



This brand new amazing feature is already activated in all the account, sign up or log in to see it in action.