New Kompyte Time Machine – Interactive Timeline View

New Kompyte Time Machine – Interactive Timeline View

Tracking your competitors online just got easier…and smarter. We’ve all had the experience of visiting a competitor’s website, landing page or pricing info and knowing something was different, but not quite sure what exactly changed. Introducing the new and improved Kompyte Time Machine.

Now you can see the entire history of your competitors’ website updates in a simple calendar layout. From the moment Kompyte begins tracking your competitors, we begin storing EVERY SINGLE website update they make and storing that data in an easy to use time machine tool that integrates into your competitor tracking dashboard.

Kompyte Time Machine

comptetitor website tracking - kompyte

In the calendar view, black circles mean an update occurred on that day and red circles mean that your team highlighted or commented on the change.

Need to know exactly when they changed their pricing? The new timeline view shows you which updates were made and when.

Before & After Timeline

before and after screenshots - kompyte

Lastly, now you can access the Time Machine directly from your competitor’s profile to see the complete history of changes made to any concrete URL you’ve been tracking. Here you can learn all of the ways Kompyte makes it easy to automate your competitive intelligence.

competitor tracking salesforce - kompyte

As you know, we’re constantly striving to improve the performance and usability of Kompyte to maximize your learnings from your competitor tracking and minimize your effort by automating the entire process. We LOVE hearing your feedback and use it to steer our product roadmap.

Want to see how Kompyte would work tracking your competitors? Enter your 5 competitor names here.

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Written by Albert Colmenero

Albert Colmenero is passionate about technology and new ventures that improve the way we do things. He's a sharp, analytical and detail-oriented person with the ability to clarify and summarize complex issues and establish action plans to achieve specific goals. As the co-founder and COO of Kompyte, Albert strives to develop a changing, multicultural and multilingual environment focused on results and overcoming challenges.

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