Getting your shiny new AdWords campaign up and running feels great. You’ve done your keyword research, thought up clever ad copy and pointed them to an enticing landing page. It seems to be going well, at least for the first couple of weeks. Then you realize you’re not actually hitting the lead generation and conversion goals you’ve set and your budget seems to be diminishing fast. You’ve done your best with the time and resources you have and you’ve made a dedicated effort to your AdWords campaigns but you’re still not seeing the results your company needs, what more can you do? It’s time to optimize your AdWords so you can achieve their maximum ROI. The first step is to make sure you’ve set clear, realistic goals. Then you can focus on specific aspects to achieve your goals.   

See Competitors’ Adwords Campaigns

While managing AdWords is typically a game of trial and error there are things you can do to give yourself an unfair advantage, advance your progress and hit your KPIs. When your strategy isn’t delivering the results you’d hoped for, consider analyzing the competition and how they are approaching their ad strategy. You can stay committed to your efforts while exploring other options such as discovering your competitor’s most profitable keywords and campaigns. Competitive analysis can give you an unfair advantage, as optimizing AdWords often takes experimentation so checking-in on the competition can speed up the process.  Competitive analysis may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are starting your venture into AdWords but sooner or later your performance may plateau and you’ll feel the need to explore new ideas. Perhaps this happens when reviewing your performance you find you’re not achieving your goals or your budget is not stretching the way it once was and you need to find alternative options.

Analyze PPC and Adwords campaigns

You’d love to explore their strategy but how can you see competitors’ AdWords.  One solution is Kompyte, the platform enables you to see competitors’ AdWords, keywords, landing pages & ad copy. In addition, you can explore their AB experiments including the changes they’ve made, both successful and unsuccessful. Kompyte offers proprietary insight to help you analyze your competitors’ AdWords beyond what you might be able to do on your own. The platform enables you to discover your competition’s most profitable AdWords. Kompyte points out which ads worked for them and what didn’t work so you can learn from their mistakes and not invest money into a strategy that doesn’t perform well in your market. You’ll gain countless ideas for keywords while gathering new ideas for headlines, description and landing page content. From there, you can target new audiences with your extended keyword list or test their copy and compare the conversion to your current rate.

Competitive Intelligence to Win AdWords

The ideal competitive intelligence fueled AdWords strategy shouldn’t be copying your competitors’ AdWords but rather learning techniques and best practices from them. Your aim is to discover the keywords your competitors are using to optimize your own ad strategy. This can be anything from keywords you have not yet explored, description copy, headlines or altered landing pages. There are countless benefits you can glean when you see the competitors’ AdWords. Are they bidding on new keywords you hadn’t thought of, do they offer a call to action that sounds enticing, even to you. The data you acquire can only serve to benefit your own strategy. You may determine that their strategy does not fit your business. This is acceptable, as long as you are aware of how they present their product to the market. Your potential customers are analyzing each option, at the very least you should aim to be aware of how your competition is presenting themselves to your mutual audience.