Tracking Report: Marketing Automation Software – February 2017

Tracking Report: Marketing Automation Software – February 2017

This is the second consecutive quarter that we’ve been tracking the leaders in the marketing automation spaces. As I’m sure you’re well aware, the cloud-based marketing automation industry has been red hot over the last 4-5 years with hundreds of competitors gaining traction by helping their customers deliver marketing value.

We’ve been tracking 9 high-performers in this space for the last month, here’s what we’ve learned:

The Players:

  • Unica (IBM)
  • Teradata
  • Marketo
  • Simplycast
  • Pardot (Salesforce)
  • Silverpop
  • Infusionsoft
  • Eloqua (Oracle)
  • HubSpot

Here are some of the latest insights Kompyte has discovered in our competitive intelligence scouting of marketing automation platforms:

November 10, 2016:

Anytime the market leader makes a move, competitors take notice, and when it comes to marketing automation, HubSpot wears the crown. On November 10th, HubSpot added new content to their call-to-action button and made major changes to the footer section in their pricing page. Have a look:


November 17 & December 1, 2016:

It looks like Pardot caught the webinar bug. They recently added two new webinars to their website:

  • 10 Tips for B2B Marketing Trailblazers (Nov 17)
  • Beyond the Hype: Making Account-Based Marketing Work for You (Dec 1)


November 19, 2016:

HubSpot now offers Free Infographic Templates in their Support and Tools section.


November, 22, 2016:

HubSpot also added a new call-to-action button encouraging potential agencies to “See The Partner Toolkit”

Hubspot CTA Button For Toolkit - Marketing Automation Tracking Report Kompyte

November 22, 2016:

Marketo added a new featured banner to their homepage highlighting their recent (self?)proclamation of being “top-ranked for product vision”.

November 22, 2016:

Infusionsoft added a new interactive section to their About Us page titled “Small business is a long journey.”

Infusionsoft About U Page Update - Marketing Automation Tracking Report Kompyte


November 23, 2016:

Silverpop is running an A/B test on their Google AdWords campaign.

Silverpop AB Testing Google Adwords - Marketing Automation Tracking Report Kompyte

Here’s the latest Silverpop ad from November 30th:

Silverpop Google Adwords Ad - Marketing Automation Tracking Report Kompyte


December 3, 2016:

Unica (IBM) launched a new Google Adwords campaign promoting their new THINK Marketing Site:

Unica IBM Google Adwords Campaign - Marketing Automation Tracking Report Kompyte


December 8, 2016:

Silverpop launched a new call-to-action to their home page featuring the copy: “10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017”


December 10, 2016:

Marketo ran some A/B tests on their latest AdWords campaign – looks like “Marketing Automation” is performing better than MA Software Demo:

Marketo AB test - kompyteMarketo AB test gartner - kompyte


December 16, 2016:

Marketo also modified the copywriting on their call-to-action banners. First, they are apparently the “World leaders in Marketing Automation for companies of any size.” Reminds me of Homer looking of the “any” key:

Marketo CTA banner update - any key - kompyte

On the same day, they changed the copy on their slide header on the home page from “If You’re Going to Play, Play To Win.”


January 9, 2017:

IBM’s Silverpop stepped up their content marketing in 2017 with the introduction of their new resources section: “The New Marketing Reality.” Here are all of the downloadable assets and webinars available:

IBM silverpop - new resources section - kompyte


January 20, 2017:

IBM Unica launched a new AdWords campaign to kick off the new year to boost the awareness of their new THINK Marketing site.

IBM Unica - adwords campaign - kompyte

Kompyte tracks the leaders of the marketing automation industry 24/7/365 so you know exactly when they make a change to their websites, blogs, social media channels and search engine ads.

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Written by Pere Codina

Co-founder and CEO of Kompyte. He has more than 12 years of experience in eCommerce and Internet. Before founding his first company he also worked in several Internet, engineering & IT companies. In 2006, he founded his first company: Cocosoft Barcelona, and launched several Internet platforms for business, now, every day, hundreds of companies and thousands of users are using those tools. In 2014, he started Kompyte, a Competitive Intelligence tool designed to respond in real time to your competitors' online strategies making easier to monitor all their online channels. He studied Computer Engineering at UPC in Barcelona, always linked to technology and Internet.


  1. Nice report! It’s good to see what different companies are up to. Recently, I’ve been interested in GetResponse and their marketing automation.

  2. Very useful software. thanks for the information Pera..


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