Productivity App Wars: Asana puts Trello in its crosshairs, launches “Boards”

Did you know that the World Wide Web itself was first designed as a productivity tool to organize and share information? Tim Berners-Lee designed the concept as an information management system so he could collaborate with his colleagues spread around the world.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that since that fateful day in 1989, the best and brightest digital minds have set their sights on creating the ultimate productivity holy grail – a comprehensive digital replacement for those chicken scratch to-do lists cluttering up your desk.

Over the last 30 days, Kompyte has tracked the 10 leading productivity software companies. Here’s what we learned:

Productivity Software Tracking Report

The Players:

  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • Todoist
  • Toggl
  • Asana
  • Quip
  • Podio
  • Evernote
  • Redbooth
  • Wunderlist

Here are some of the latest insights Kompyte has discovered in our competitive intelligence scouting of productivity tools and platforms:

November 16, 2016:

ASANA takes dead-aim at TRELLO, launches “Boards”

Asana took dead aim on Trello last week with the introduction of Asana Boards. The recently announced product feature is a new layout option that looks and acts exactly like Trello. See for yourself: 


Look familiar? How d’ya like them apples, Trello!

November 21 & 22, 2016:

Asana saw a massive increase in Twitter engagement with two tweets featuring the hashtag #ThankATeammate. The first tweet was interacted 211x more than average and the next day a similar tweet saw 160x their typical engagement level.

Proverb of the day: If you thanked a teammate but didn’t tweet about it, did it really happen?


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November 18, 2016:

Basecamp realized the word “FREE” had more merit than “Pricing”. Surprise surprise. They changed the copy on their call to action from “Pricing & Trial” to “Try it FREE”.


November 10, 2016:

Todoist launched a paid Twitter campaign teasing new features. They saw a spike in engagement on a tweet announcing new features coming soon which reached considerably more users than their average post conveying a likely paid promotion on Twitter.


November 17, 2016:

Major changes on “Todoist Privacy Policy”. changed contents on “Information gathering and usage”, “Your data” and “Cookies”.


November 19, 2016:

Todoist may have got dropped by IBM as they removed their logo from their call to action button.


IBM to Todoist: “Take our logo off your page.

December 2, 2016:

Todoist is now in Norsk. Gratulerer


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November 10, 2016:

Podio has opened their affiliate channel with a new call to action. A new button appeared on Podio’s call to action section titled: “Become a SaaS Referral Partner”


December 2, 2016:

Evernote makes a play for students with a new banner reading: “EVERNOTE DISCOUNT FOR ELIGIBLE STUDENTS”



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December 2, 2016:

Redbooth released a new version of their platform.

They also added a new call to action button reading: “For larger teams”

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