We can normally learn about the future by looking to the past. The old adage “History repeats itself” is especially pertinent when we reflect on events like the sinking of Tek Sig (90 years before the sinking of the Titanic), mass extinctions, or the fall of empires. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We can learn from our mistakes…and the mistakes of others.

“I need help getting a competitive edge!”

Nobody ever says this exact phrase. But maybe they’ve said something along the lines of “They [the competition] are killing us out there!” or “Who knew that they were doing a promotion this month?!” But these are just the kinds of problems that competitive edge software can help with.

Competitive edge software helps people all along the marketing and sales funnel

Let’s say that you’re losing deals. Like, a lot of deals. And while you don’t know exactly where you’re losing them, you have a hunch that it’s one of your main competitors. How would you get to the bottom of this? How would you find about products that they’ve released?

Normally, you would ask the sales team if they’ve heard about anything. You would go to the website and check for any updates. Ideally, you would want to know about the change as soon as it happens – not a few days after it happens.

Some competitive edge software can do that for you. Softwares like Versionista, Crayon, and (of course) Kompyte will show you when a web page has been updated. And the idea is that the faster that you have verified information, the faster you can make decisions that will keep you in the running.

Social Media

But sometimes, it’s not about finding information out too late. Sometimes your social media strategy needs a little help. Maybe you’re not converting the way you expected. The engagement is low. You’re running out of ideas for content.

Whatever the case is, you can use competitive edge software to keep a finger on the pulse of social media in your industry. This software will give you information on the time of posting, whether there was multimedia content (photo/video), the hashtags used, etc.

If it looks like it’s getting the outcome that you’re interested in, this is the place to start tweaking your own social strategy. Without having to do a ton of A/B testing. Or, rather, letting other companies do the A/B testing for you.


Another reason that companies are using competitive edge software is to help with SEO/SEM. When you need to grow your keyword list, or you need to make your ad spend more effective, this software will give you ideas about how to improve your search strategy.

By seeing ad spend estimates, search estimates, suggested keywords, SERPs rankings, or ad history, you make it easier to build out a search strategy that doesn’t waste resources.

Keeping your teams up to date

Of course, what good would all of this information about your competitors be if you couldn’t share it easily? Most folks are stuck in the cycle of having to manually enter information, take screenshots, or compile a google doc and hope that the rest of the team sees it. This software integrates the communication piece right into the platform so you can share information through different media as soon as you get it.

The goal with all competitive edge software is to keep you in the game, and ahead of the curve. Faster and easier.

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