Find out all your competitors’ updates in Real-Time

The easiest way to know what they are doing… while they do it.

Who updated their Website?

Find out instantly who has a new banner, made a change in price, updated their service conditions, or any other changes and be ready to respond!

Who has new Ads?

Every time your competitors’ update or publish new Advertisements in Google, you will get alerted!

Who is improving in SEO ?

Track all updates in Search Engine Ranks from your competition and learn from their strategy.

What’s their content marketing strategy?

Set up alerts and receive updates every time your competitors’ publish new content or change their social media strategy.

Who has more engagement on Social Media?

Real-time social media tracking provides live statistics that measure your competitors engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+.

What are my competitors sending to their customers?

Find and track all promotions, discounts and updates inside your competitors’ email marketing and newsletter campaigns.

Who is talking about my competitors?

Receive alerts every time your competitors get listed in media, and find out who mentions them.

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