Competitive Benchmark

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Competitive Benchmark

Kompyte provides you a KPIs comparison for online marketing between your competitors and your own organization. This section allows you to get a full overview of the competitive environment, analyze it and understand better what are the keys to compete.

To access to the competitors KPIs benchmark click on “Benchmark” option of the main lateral menu, a window as follows will appear:


By default, Kompyte shows the Benchmark of your organization with the 3 most important competitors in overall rank.

Select the competitors showed in the Benchmark

  • Click on “Show/Hide Competitors” in the top menu Benchmark button, a list with your competitors will be displayed.
  • The competitors displayed are marked with a color tick.
  • Click on competitors in order to select/deselect.
  • By clicking outside the menu, the Benchmark will be refreshed with the selected competitors.
  • You can also select/deselect “Me” option to show/hide your own organization in the Benchmark.

Select a date range

Kompyte keeps a record of all KPIs of your competitors, to define the range of dates you want to visualize in the Benchmark:

  • Click on the date selector of the Benchmark top menu, a menu with a range of dates will appear.
  • You can select one of the standard options available as “Last 90 days”, “Last 180 Days” or select the “Custom Range” option and choose your date range.
  • Click on “Apply” button to apply the changes and set the date range that you prefer.

Print or download the benchmark in PDF

If desired, Kompyte allows you to print your benchmark and if your browser/OS allow generate PDF from the print menu, automatically Kompyte will generate it. (With the Chrome browser and Apple operating systems this option is available by default). Steps to print/generate PDF:

  • Click on “Download PDF/Print” button of the top menu Benchmark, a configuration window will appear.
  • Select which sections of the Benchmark you want to print.
  • If you want to print the comments from each section, select “Print comments” option.
  • Click on “Print” button and follow the instructions in the browser to print/generate the PDF of the benchmark.

Save notes and comments of the benchmark KPIs

If desired, Kompyte allows you to save notes and comments on each of the benchmark KPIs, the next time you will consult the benchmark you can see also your comments.

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To write a comment in a section:

  • Click on “Click here to show/hide comments” at the bottom of the section, a text box will be displayed.
  • Enter your comments.
  • Your comment will be saved automatically when writing.

Check a KPI source

Most of the KPIs shown in the Benchmark are made by Kompyte, it means that they are unique. However, in order to help you to understand your competitors and their movements better, Kompyte includes relevant data from other companies as SimilarWeb, Semrush, Alexa, etc.

At the bottom of each KPI, you can check the source by clicking on the link next to “Source” tag.

Benchmark KPIs groups

Kompyte organizes the Benchmark KPIs by groups. You can use the Benchmark side menu in order to browse through all these groups:


General website KPIs Comparative and evolution of the main relevant indicators and website traffic: Ranking web and total number of visits received.
Traffic Sources Comparative of the different traffic sources impact to your competitors website and analyze the origin of visits by country and keyword and reference site.
User behavior Comparative and evolution of the main competitors KPIs related on the quality of the traffic web: bounce rate, average time on site and page views.
Activity Comparative and evolution of the activity detected by Kompyte in the different competitors channels: websites, blogs, social networks and search results.
Twitter Comparative and evolution of the main competitors KPIs on Twitter: Activity, community growth and engagement.
Facebook Comparative and evolution of the main competitors KPIs on Facebook: Activity, community growth and engagement.
LinkedIn Comparative and evolution of the main competitors KPIs on LinkedIn: Activity, community growth and engagement.
Search results Comparative and evolution of the organic search results ranking for each keyword.