Competitor Analytics

Kompyte Manual

Competitor Analytics

Kompyte analyzes each of your competitors one by one, tracking their main online marketing KPIs and marking their progress over time. To access the analytics of a specific competitor, click on the name of that competitor in the side panel and select the first tab marked “Stats”. This will display the competitor’s KPIs for analysis.



Updates – Statistics of competitor activity

Displays the metrics of your competition across all channels of communication and the evolution of their activity over time. Whenever Kompyte detects an update from one of your competitors, it is recorded and saved for future analysis.

The activity metrics are:

  • All Updates: Groups all updates detected in all channels.
  • Web Updates: Number of changes detected in the competitor configured websites.
  • Social Updates: Number of updates detected in all of the competitor social profiles that are being tracked.
  • SEM Ads Updates: Number of new competitor ads detected for keywords that are being tracked.

Each of these metrics is grouped into periods of time: “Today”, “7 days” and “30 days”. In each period, you can consult the following data:

  • Total: At the cells top, Kompyte shows the total number of changes detected during this period.
  • Variación: Situated on the bottom, it shows the trend compared with the previous period in percentage %.


Competitor KPIs in social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

Click on the following panels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to analyze competitor KPIs in each social network.


Within each social profile, there are different sections:

  • Activity: Number of new publications in a period of time. This indicates your competitor’s communication frequency with their community.
  • Community: Evolution of the “fans/followers” on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Engagement: Number of interactions achieved by the competitor during a period of time in the social network. This indicates the community’s involvement with your competitor.
  • Outstanding Tweets/Updates: Displays the update that has the most engagement in the last month and in the last 6 months. You can view the message (tweet or post) and its level of engagement.

Each of these KPIs are grouped into measurements of time such as “Today”, “7 days” and “30 days”. In each period, you can view the following data:

  • Total: At the top, Kompyte shows the absolute value of the KPI tracked in the selected period.
  • Variación: At the bottom, you can see the evolution from the previous period as a percentage.