Track updates from competition

Kompyte - Competitor Updates

Competitor updates

Kompyte allows you to monitor all of you competitor’s activity on their online channels. To review the detected updates in detail you can go to “Updates” section:



To see your competitor’s updates, click on “Updates” section on the main lateral menu.

Filter and organize your competitors’ updates

Select a date range 

Kompyte keeps a record of all the updates made by your competitors in all of the channels, to establish the date range of the updates that you want to see:

  • Click the date selector in the top right corner of the screen, a date menu will appear.
  • You can select one of the standard options available “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Last 7 Days”, “Last 30 Days” or “Last 90 Days”.
  • You can also select a “Custom Range” option to choose your own date range.
  • Click the “Apply” button to submit the changes and set the date range that you want.

Use the tool bar 

The tool bar allows you to choose which competitor updates are displayed on the screen and organize their tracking better. In the bar, there are the following filter options:

archived-updates Filter by archived updates When enabled, displays only the updates that have been previously archived.
starred Filter by highlighted updates When enabled, displays only the updates that have been marked as highlighted above.
commented Filter by commented updates When enabled, displays only the commented updates.
shared Filter by shared updates When enabled, displays only the updates that have been shared.
competitors Filter by competitors By selecting a competitor, displays only the updates made by this competitor.
website-updates Filter by web pages content updates By clicking this icon Kompyte shows you only the updates detected in competitors’ websites. Use the drop-down menu next to the icon in order to select what types of updates you want to see: Updates in home pages, blog or internal pages.
socialmedia-updates Filter by social networks updates By clicking this icon Kompyte shows you only the updates in competitors’ social profiles. Use the drop-down menu next to the icon in order to specify which social networks updates you want to see: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
search-updates Filter by search results updates By clicking this icon Kompyte shows you only the competitors’ updates in search results (organic and paid) for all of the keywords that you have configured. Use the drop-down menu next to the icon to specify which keywords you want to see.

Combine filters 

If you prefer, you can filter combinations to study better your competitors and their updates. For example, you can filter changes per competitor and channel (web, social, search), so you will only see the changes that this competitor has done within this channel.

Remove filters 

When you add one or more filters, they are reflected in a bar below the filter, click on the “x” symbol to remove it.


Check and analyze the competitors detected

Each time a competitor makes an update in one of its tracked channels or when a possible new competitor appears Kompyte will detect and report it in the “Updates” section.

Depending on the type of change (New competitor, Web Content, Blog, Social Media, SEO or SEM) there are different options to analyze the content. Here are the types of updates that you can monitor with Kompyte:

  • New competitors detected
  • Updates on competitors website content
  • Updates on competitors blogs
  • New competitors’ ads in web browsers
  • Posts on competitors’ social media channels

At the bottom of each update, you will find icons to help you to organize your alerts:


Save comment Use this option to add a comment on the detected update. Then you can filter to see only the commented updates.
Mark as highlighted Use this option to mark an update as highlighted. Then you can filter by highlighted changes.
Share This option allows you to share a relevant update by e-mail. Clicking here a window in which you can enter the address and a message for the recipient will appear, the recipient will receive an email with your message and a link to a page where will appear the update and comments.
File After analyzing an upgrade, click on this button to file the change and it won’t appear in your timeline. Later, you can search among your filed changes using the button “Filter by filed changes” from the top bar.