Track updates in competitor's website

Kompyte Help - Competitor updates

Website updates

When Kompyte detects an update in the content of a competitor web page tracked, in “Updates” appears an update as following:

cambio web


Kompyte separates the updates detected by the type of content changed in the web page tracked so that you can find changes in:

  • TITLE: Your competitor has updated the website title.
  • DESCRIPTION: Your competitor has updated the meta-tag website description.
  • HEADERS: Your competitor has made one or more updates in the texts included in the website header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.).
  • TEXTS: Your competitor has updated the websites texts.
  • IMAGES: Your competitor has updated the web images.
  • LINKS: Your competitor has updated the links of the page.

Click on the type of change detected to view a detailed description of each update.

Display the competitors web updates in Kompyte Time Machine

In addition to detecting updates, Kompyte provides functionalities to see which updates have been detected. Kompyte saves the content of the web before and after each update, so that you can see at a glance where the update has occurred.

View an update in Kompyte Time Machine 

  • Click on the eye icon that you will find expanding the web updated. A screen with the last competitor version website tracked will be opened.
  • The areas highlighted in red show the update.
  • Could be possible that the update is not visible because it is on a carrousel or other item, in which case interact with the web. Kompyte saves web pages from your competitors in navigable format.
  • Use “Previous update” and “Next update” buttons to scroll through the detected updates.
  • Use “Before” and “After” buttons to compare the web page versions before and after the update.