November 24, 2014

Plans start at $22.5/month per competitor

Basic Competitor Tracking

Track changes in products, features, services, pricing, promotions, etc.

Website Change Monitoring: 10 Webpages / competitor

Time Machine (before & after change visualization)

Unlimited tracking history

And add Packages to automate your Competitive Intelligence

Search Marketing Package

Track your competitors’ search strategy

Keyword Monitoring

Search Ads Monitor

Organic Search Ranks Monitoring & Benchmark

Landing Page Tracking and Detection

Sem-Rush Integration: Keyword & Backlinks detector

Competitor Detector

E-mail Marketing Package

Subscribe Kompyte to your competitor’s newsletters

Newsletter Automated Tracking

Inbound Marketing Package

Learn what content works best for your competitors

Blog Content Tracking

Social Media Tracking

Top Engaging Content Detection

Full Social & Content KPI’s Benchmark

PDF Report Download

Unlimited Tracking History

SimilarWeb Integration

Learn how your competitors get the traffic

Full Website Traffic KPIs Benchmark

Startup Plans

Are you a Startup? Register here and Contact our support team for more information about Kompyte Startup Plans.
Starting at $60/mo

Custom Elastic Plans

Using multiple Kompyte accounts? Register here  or Request a Demo and contact us for more information about Kompyte Custom Plans.
Ideal for Agencies and Corporates

Reseller Plans

Want to become an official Reseller of Kompyte? Register here  or Request a Demo and contact us for more information.


No setup fees

Register now completely free, and start using Kompyte immediately.


14 day Free Trial

Use Kompyte for 2 weeks and learn about your competitors. Try every features, no strings attached.


No credit card required

We won’t ask for your credit card information during your trial. We only ask if you choose to continue using Kompyte.


No contracts

You are free to cancel your account at anytime, without penalty. No questions asked.


Support included

You won’t be alone. Our team is here to assist you via chat, email, and tutorials, so you can squeeze out the most of Kompyte.


Custom made

Choose the best plan to fit your needs and save up to 2 months with our annual membership.

Start Tracking Your Competitors Today

Try Kompyte free for 14 days and know exactly what the “other guys” are doing.



Do I need a credit card to register?
No you can Sign up for our 14 days free trial no strings attached. We will only require your credit card if you wish to continue using Kompyte.
Can I cancel my subscription whenever?
Of course. And no questions asked. You may cancel your account anytime and we will stop charging you from that moment on.