November 22, 2014

“Before using Kompyte, our competitors made changes on their ads that had an impact on our revenues during days. Now, by using Kompyte, we monitor our competition so we can react in real time to whatever changes they make.”


Printout Troop sells large format prints through different web sites. They monitor more than 50 active online competitors.


Printout Troop
Alejandro Fernandez, CEO

Since we started using Kompyte we increased our engagment and growth metrics, and all because now we can track our competitors campaigns in real time, while they execute them.” is the most relevant onlinemagazine for today’s women in Spain. They have serveral competitors not only in local but also in international markets.


Alex Díaz, CEO

Using Kompyte we know our competitors moves online almost in real time! It is a very useful tool and extremely advisable, specially to those people that have little time


eSportics is online software for organizing tournaments and sports events. They have more than 20 online competitors.



Vanessa Palmer, CEO

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