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Tons of companies around the world use Kompyte’s unique tracking technology to keep an eye on their competitors’ moves, track changes in pricing, features, or any other update on product pages, landing pages, etc.
Time machine: Before and After change explorer
Wait, was that there yesterday?” Our Before & After Time Machine function shows you exactly which parts of the website changed and when.
Relevancy Filter
Don’t spend your time checking random or non relevant changes. Kompyte’s AI Core evaluates every change in real-time to eliminate those who have a clear non-relevancy pattern, so you can focus in what really matters: what they changed.
Track visible and hidden changes
Our Hidden Updates detection feature let’s you see the changes that doesn’t visually appear on their website, such as changes in drop down menus, sliders, meta fields, titles, etc.
Organize your tracking results
Kompyte let’s you Tag, Comment , Favorite, Share and Archive, so that you can keep track on every relevant change you detect.
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