Step-by-step instructions to climb the SEO page ranks by observing your competitors


Step-by-step instructions to climb the SEO page ranks by observing your competitors


Ranking high on Google’s search results takes both continuous time and constant effort. When someone performs a search on Google, the results page displays the most relevant information related to the keywords they entered. This means you must include keywords in your website that resonate with your demographics. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the traditional cornerstone of online marketing campaigns. Unfortunately for marketers, it can take a while to get it right.

Luckily, there is a way to quickly find new keywords to add to your pages. Learn from your competition. Review their landing pages to find ideal headlines and copywriting keywords. Adding these new keywords to your site’s original content will show search engines that your site has value. Your site will move up in search results as a result, and you can begin increasing your page traffic.

Add your competitors to the Kompyte platform and the software automatically tells you which keywords they rank for. Kompyte also notifies you when the competition is ranking for a keyword and you are not. This intel provides ideas for new keywords to add to your landing pages.


Identify Patterns & Changes in Top SEO Competitors

Kompyte also displays which competitors are moving up in each SEO keyword ranking. If you notice the competition is moving up in the rankings, take a look at their page content or structural changes and try making similar changes to your page.


Run Tests on SEO Landing Pages

Once you’ve uncovered the value hidden in your competition’s webpage, start replicating their success. If you notice your competition has integrated new SEO keywords into their page – test the keywords in your headline text and page copy. You can conduct A/B tests based on new ideas from multiple competitors, which will help you continue to optimize your pages until you notice positive moving ranking results.


The ROI Calculation

Notice your SEO ranks after some months of testing ideas based on top performing sites. You can now compare your current visitors and conversions rate to past data. Lastly, calculate the impact of increased page traffic at the end of the sales funnel and notice the difference.

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