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Despite your superior product offer, have you noticed your sales team seems to be losing more and more deals to the competition? A crucial aspect of winning sales deals is to understand the competitor’s offering so you can strategically sell against them. If you fail at this crucial step you will continue losing deals. Take action! Create Battle Cards, and empower your sales team to win more deals.

Battle Cards provide quick, convincing arguments to the classic question “Why are you better than the competition”. The best Battle Cards are concise, constructive and thorough. Many organizations only incorporate negative aspects against the competition, however, Battle Cards should provide your sales team with a complete overview of the competition. This includes facts that are potentially beneficial to your competition such as a unique technological aspect. Any information you can provide your team to build confidence and enable them to create a connection with their prospect is beneficial. Remember to only include facts, nothing speculative. In the end, honesty with prospects leads to increased trust and more deals closed. Lastly, keep them brief!

Battle Cards are synonymous with direct sales, however, the concept isn’t reserved for sales teams. Well executed Battle Cards can extend far beyond direct sales. They can be useful for marketing teams or even important business development negotiations; share them across roles to close more sales and increase market share no matter where your organization plays.

Due to constantly changing market conditions; Battle Cards demand perpetual revision. The ideal BattleCard platform enables your team to make real-time edits from anywhere. Therefore, Battle Cards are most beneficial as a shared, online platform. Although the concept is not new, the process is easier than ever with Kompyte’s Battle Cards application.

Design your First Battle Cards

The first step to creating your winning Battle Cards is to identify 3-5 main points your sales team can use to close a deal when it’s your product versus the competition. The idea is to come up with quick and powerful statements to subtly “attack” the competition and position your product as the winning solution.

The “kill points” can come from internal or external knowledge. You may consider a meeting with the sales team disclosing how they’ve won deals when a prospect was comparing multiple options. Alternatively, you can seek input externally, by listening to why customers choose you over the competition.

Each company is unique so, choose points that are most relevant to share with your sales team. In addition to kill points your Battle Cards may include:

  • Product Features
  • Competitor SWOT Analysis
  • Pricing Comparison
  • USP – how your competition approaches the market
  • Recent Announcements – promotions or recent partnership

Although Battle Cards are typically thought of as a way to win against the competition, Kompyte’s intuitive Battle Cards feature can be used to quickly share relevant information across your team.

This can include:

  • Customer Success Stories – with concrete examples for each prospect customer segment
  • Discovery Questions – open ended questions to inspire your team

Ensure Battle Cards are Easy to Access & Use

Deals don’t close themselves! Once you’ve created Battle Cards, share them with your sales team and encourage your team to use them by making the Battle Cards easily accessible. Storing Battle Cards online is the preferred approach as sales reps can access them from on the road. It’s even easier when a browser extension and mobile solution are available. When Battle Cards are available literally, “in the palm of your team’s hand” they can’t make excuses.

Kompyte Battle Cards go where your team goes, they are accessible anywhere through the browser extension and mobile solution. Give your team the tools they need to beat the competition and close more deals; Kompyte enables you to automatically share your Battle Cards and ensure they’re always updated.

Actively Update Your Battle Cards

As mentioned above, Battle Cards need to be regularly updated. It’s crucial for users to have a way to quickly update them with the information heard in the field or updates spotted during your competitor tracking. The best Battle Cards are stored online and updated in real time, by the people who use them most frequently.

Kompyte’s Battle Cards are designed to be updated with just one click! There are two ways to keep your Battle Cards up to date; from the software or through the chrome extension. Competitor updates spotted in Kompyte can be added directly from the platform or updates can be made from anywhere with the chrome extension. The one-step process is explained in full detail

How to Calculate the ROI

Over the next 2 or 3 sales cycles, keep an eye on your closing ratio. Notice the number of deals you win using Battle Cards versus previous cycles.

Calculate the impact of the increased closes on revenue. For example – if you previously only closed about 2 deals every 10 calls and, after using battle cards, are now closing 4 deals for every 10 calls, you’ve won 50% more sales thanks to Battle Cards.

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Liana Calicchia

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