A guide to improving your search ad performance using competitive intelligence


Tactics to increase competitive win rate


To win with Google Ads, you must attract clicks. It seems like an easy process to simply write a clever tagline within Google’s word constraint and submit it. In reality, writing ad copy is incredibly difficult. You need to cater to prospective buyers, all while keeping personas, seniority, and various industries in mind. This venture becomes even more challenging when you take into account the character count limitations. Constantly coming up with new ad copy to test is just plain frustrating. What is a marketer to do when they’ve run out of messaging ideas to test?


Enter Kompyte.

With Kompyte, you can identify your competitors’ highest quality ads that attract the most engagement. It now becomes possible to uncover every important keyword from ads that work. You can analyze these ads to learn what techniques will bring customers to your landing page. With this intel, it becomes measurably easier to understand how you can optimize your ad copy testing schedule.


Track the Ads Running for each Keyword

Add the keywords you’re focused on into the platform. The software will allow you to quickly discover all the Google ads your competitors are running or A/B testing. Kompyte will display your competitors’ ads and show you their Ad Score, which indicates the competition’s most successful ads. The Ad Score is based on how long the ad has been running, as well as how many other ads it has beat in A/B tests. The higher the Ad Score, the better the ad performs for your competition.


Collect Copywriting Ideas

Look through your competitors’ ads for new ideas. The messaging, call to action, and everything in between can always be improved. Check out their longest running ads to get an idea of what aspects or keywords make them successful.

Tips to improve your ad copy include:

  • Use Numbers: Numbers let prospects know exactly what they’re getting. This helps them make an informed decision. Including price will also reduce clicks from people that may not be a good fit for your business.
  • Include Special Characters: Symbols are eye catching and work to attract attention away from the endless stream of text.
  • Include a Call to Action: Encourage action by being specific about what you want consumers to do. If your goal is to motivate customers to place an order or sign up for a free demo, consider the necessary steps for them to make that a reality.
  • Add a Benefit: Let people know what you offer, and why it makes you unique.
  • Match Ads to Landing Pages: Relevancy between keywords, ad copy, and landing pages is imperative. If your ad tells people to “click here for a free demo,” the link should take them directly to the form.



Testing: the most important factor when testing ad copy

Remember, just because something works well for your competition, it may not work well for you. A/B test all the ideas you get from Kompyte; test everything from the call to action to the specific messaging. Extensive testing is the only way to figure out what will be successful for your business.


Calculating your ROI

After completing 20 ad copy experiments, be sure to compare your new CTR with your previous CTR. You will be able to calculate the impact of the new AdWords traffic on your bottom line.

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