An effortless approach to discovering new keywords: track your competition


An effortless approach to discovering new keywords: track your competition

Investing in search ads can prove to be either a satisfying investment in your company or a completely disheartening experience. It’s especially discouraging when your budget doesn’t stretch as far as it used to and your keywords are no longer performing. How can you continue to drive qualified traffic without blowing your budget?

One of the most effective ways to boost traffic, improve your SEO rankings, and extend your AdWords budget is to find fresh keywords. An effortless approach to discovering these new keywords is to track your competition and find the keywords they are using.


Uncover New Keyword Opportunities

Add your competitors to the Kompyte platform and the software automatically tells you which keywords they are ranking for.

There are 3 ways Kompyte can help you find new keywords:

  • New Opportunities:  keywords your competition uses that you haven’t discovered
  • Long tail keywords:  commonly used by your target market
  • Keyword Detector:  can be used to find keywords or a new niche that have not been discovered by other competitors


Update SEO Landing Pages & AdWords Campaigns with New Keywords

Start experimenting with your competitors most successful keywords. Remember you won’t know what works until you try it.

Test multiple keywords to discover the best options to improve your company’s AdWords campaigns and SEO performance.


How to Calculate ROI?

Measure new business (leads, sales, etc) coming from the keywords detected

After 20 experiments with your new keywords, compare your current AdWords CTR with your previous CTR. Calculate the impact of your AdWords traffic based on leads generated through competitors’ keywords that resulted in change to your bottom line.

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