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Do you know how much value an inefficient sales process or unused battle cards are costing you? This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize by creating and enabling your sellers with battle cards that win deals. 
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As a market and industry leader, not only does Cisco drive innovation externally, but it values the change and a rapid iteration methodology internally. Competitive intelligence not only allows them to compete with the direct, indirect, and emerging companies but also improves the customer experience globally. Using Kompyte gives them the foresight to understand trends and make quick decisions to expand their reach and impact.

From everyone at Kompyte, we thank Cisco for helping us drive our vision to help companies reinvent the way they compete. We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

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