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Reinvent Your Sales Strategy with Win/Loss Insights: Kompyte Joins Forces with IcebergIQ

Dive into deep win/loss analysis, gain summarized insights, and enhance your win rates with IcebergIQ and Kompyte by Semrush.



Imagine if you always knew, not just how often you win and lose deals, but exactly why you win and lose. Armed with this knowledge, you adjust strategies across sales, marketing, and even product—and watch your win rates climb.

To get that kind of awareness, you’d need skimmable, yet in-depth insights into those victories and defeats.

And ideally, those skimmable win/loss insights are readily available in your competitive intelligence platform, alongside your win-rate reports and Battlecards.

All this win/loss goodness is now a reality with our latest integration with IcebergIQ!

We’ve teamed up with IcebergIQ, a highly acclaimed research consultancy, to help you deepen your understanding of why you win and lose and to whom, allowing you to make the changes that will improve your win rate.

IcebergIQ's win/loss interviews provide candid customer feedback to powerfully enhance the data and give you a fuller, clearer picture.

An early adopter of the integrated platform, Alex Ruddock, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing & Product Management at Influitive says,

"Combining win/loss interview insights with Kompyte’s system for tracking win rates and sharing information across all our teams means we can more efficiently strengthen our value propositions, sharpen our messaging, and give our sales team what they need to close more deals. And AI summaries make the insights skimmable for everyone on the team.”

How to Win with Competitive Intelligence and Win/Loss Analysis 

Some competitive intelligence and CRM platforms track wins and losses, and that's important. But Kompyte already takes that a step further by offering detailed win/loss statistics, giving you a clear view of your company's win rate overall and against each competitor.

IcebergIQ brings its unique win/loss analysis to the table. Their in-depth interviews reveal the reasons why every deal is won or lost.

Now, when you use Kompyte and IcebergIQ together, you’ll enjoy a new dimension to your win/loss analysis.

CEO of Kompyte, Pere Codina, underlines the importance of this,

"Companies that leverage competitive insights and win-loss data will gain a decisive advantage over competitors still operating in the dark."

Deep Win/Loss Analysis Plus Easy-to-Skim Summaries

KompyteGPT transforms each win/loss interview from IcebergIQ into an easy-to-read recap, meaning more of your team can keep up with key reasons you win and lose. 


Future GPT functionality will enable instant analysis of multiple interviews at once, bringing out the common reasons behind why you win and lose. 

It’s never been easier to refine your sales strategies and improve win rates. 

Use Kompyte by Semrush and IcebergIQ together to enjoy:

Summarized insights: Get summarized recaps from win/loss interviews right inside Kompyte, with the option to delve into the details if you’d like to.

Strategic foresight: Use data to anticipate trends and risks before they create problems, providing a blueprint for planning and decision-making.

Easy sharing with your teams: Unites your teams around a consistent strategy backed by a single source of truth, fostering better teamwork and an aligned vision within your organization.

Focused roadmaps: Direct your product, pricing, and go-to-market strategies with a combination of competitor insights and win/loss highlights.

Improved win rates: Analyze wins, losses, and competitor activities to boost performance and get closer to your goals.

Natasha Narayan, IcebergIQ CEO and Co-Founder, says,

“Together, we’re reimagining how B2B software companies separate signal from noise, see competitors clearly, and adapt quickly to win. The benefits will empower your sales, product management, product marketing, and customer success teams to drive growth and retention.”

Don't miss out on this opportunity to change how you understand your competitors, your victories, and your setbacks. Start harnessing the power of data and insights and watch your sales trajectory soar!


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