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How to Speed up Sales Call Prep with ChatGPT

Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your sales call preparation process, transforming you into a selling machine. Streamline each step of your sales call prep and close more deals with the help of ChatGPT!



In the competitive world of sales, you’re always looking for ways to speed up your process and sell more. Some methods - setting up focus time, using transcription apps, etc. can make incremental improvements in productivity. But then along comes something like ChatGPT.

This AI-driven language model (and others like it) has the ability to process information faster and more accurately than an analyst, to answer questions and hold ongoing conversations, and to generally function as a world-class assistant in a myriad of circumstances. 

And who couldn’t use an assistant?

Let’s explore how ChatGPT can transform each step of your sales call preparation process from start to finish and ultimately help you close more deals. You’re about to become a selling machine!

Caveat and Tips for Using ChatGPT to Speed Up Call Prep

ChatGPT stopped collecting data in September of 2021 (only on the free plan), so some information may be outdated. It also has the tendency to make up information if it doesn’t have actual data. So be sure to do a gut/fact check on anything that seems off or is crucially important.

Additionally, do not share any confidential information with ChatGPT. Both prompts and responses can be used to "train" the model and may appear in answers provided to others. 😨 You can opt out of data sharing, but your company (and common sense) may move you to avoid sharing anything sensitive, no matter what.

Each of the following prompts has been tested using ChatGPT4. If you follow along sequentially, each prompt informs the next, and no additional context should be required. It really is like having a conversation about your upcoming call with a well-informed research assistant!

Research the Prospect

Before the call, gather as much information as possible about the prospect and their organization. Get to know their industry, the company's size, key decision-makers, and any recent news or developments. This will help you tailor your approach and show that you've done your homework.

Have ChatGPT do your Prospect Research

🤖 Provide me with information about <prospect brand>, including their industry, company size, key decision-makers, and any recent news or developments.

Identify pain points and needs

Understand the prospect's challenges and what they're looking to achieve. This will enable you to position your product or service as a solution to their specific needs. If possible, find out how they're currently addressing these issues and identify gaps where your offering can provide added value.

Have ChatGPT Identify the Prospect’s Pain Points and Needs

🤖 Considering the <prospect industry> industry and the information about <prospect brand>, what are some potential pain points and challenges they might be facing?

Set Clear Objectives

Determine the purpose of your sales call and set specific, achievable objectives. Examples include qualifying the prospect, scheduling a follow-up meeting, or closing a deal. Having clear goals will help you stay focused and measure the success of the call.

This one requires no AI assistance. You know what you need to do.

Prepare your Pitch

Develop a compelling pitch that highlights your product or service's unique selling points and explains how it can address the prospect's pain points. Keep it concise and engaging, focusing on the benefits and value it brings to the prospect.

Have ChatGPT Prepare your Pitch

🤖  My product/service offers <key features, benefits, and unique selling points>. Generate a tailored sales pitch for <prospect brand> that addresses their pain points and highlights the value of my offering.

Anticipate Objections

Be prepared to address any objections or concerns that may arise during the call. Practice your responses to common objections and have data, case studies, or testimonials on hand to support your claims.

Have ChatGPT Anticipate Objections

🤖  Generate a list of common objections prospects in the <prospect industry> industry might raise during a sales call, along with effective responses to address those objections.

Know Your Competitors

Sometimes a prospect will tell you which other solutions they’re considering. But often you know the most common competitors and can make some assumptions. Be prepared to talk about how you compare in features, benefits, and pricing. Competitor Battlecards are your best resource here. 

Have ChatGPT Research Your Competitors

If you don’t know who the competitors are:

🤖 Provide an overview of the key competitors in the <prospect industry>, including their main strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points.

If you know who your competitors are:

🤖 Provide an overview of the key competitors, [Competitor A], [Competitor B], and [Competitor C], including their main strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points.

Improve Your Product Knowledge

You likely know your product well and have sales Battlecards to help fill in the gaps, but taking a look from the viewpoint of your prospect can help you address concerns and objections more effectively, while demonstrating an understanding of the industry that may put their minds at ease.

Here’s an area where you need to confirm that you’re getting current information. Take what ChatGPT gives you and do a quick check of competitor sites to verify.

Have ChatGPT Research Your Competitors

🤖 Please explain the key features of my product/service, [Product/Service Name], and how they benefit customers.

🤖 What are the main advantages of using [Product/Service Name] compared to its competitors?

🤖 Can you provide some common use cases for [Product/Service Name] in the context of the <prospect industry>?

🤖 How does [Product/Service Name] help address the common challenges faced by businesses in the <prospect industry>?

🤖 What are some success stories or testimonials from customers who have used [Product/Service Name]?

🤖 Replace [Product/Service Name] with the actual name of your product or service, and <prospect industry> with the specific industry of your prospect.

Tip: Now that you have this information, put it all together into a Battlecard you can reference during the call and next time you are preparing for a similar call.

Build your own customer Battlecards with Kompyte

Prepare Open-ended Questions

Ask open-ended questions to encourage the prospect to share more information about their needs, preferences, and concerns. This will help you uncover valuable insights and guide the conversation in a way that highlights your product's benefits.

Have ChatGPT Prepare Open-ended Questions

🤖 Create a list of open-ended questions related to <what your product does> and <prospect brand> that I can ask during the sales call to uncover valuable insights.

Set the Agenda

Outline the structure of the call, including introductions, discussion points, and a conclusion. This will help you stay organized, manage time effectively, and ensure that all relevant topics are covered. You may even want to share this with your prospect ahead of the call.

Have ChatGPT Set the Agenda

🤖  Help me create an agenda for my sales call with <prospect brand>, including key discussion points, time allocation, and objectives.

Expect the Unexpected

Be flexible, adjusting your approach based on the prospect's responses. If they express a particular concern or interest, be prepared to shift the focus of your pitch accordingly.

🤖 Generate a list of potential questions and concerns that prospects in the <prospect industry> industry might raise during a sales call, including less common or unlikely scenarios.

Follow Up

After the call, send a follow-up email to summarize the conversation, address any outstanding questions, and provide additional resources. This will help you maintain momentum and keep the prospect engaged.

🤖 After my sales call with <prospect brand>, we discussed <summary of the conversation>. Draft a follow-up email that summarizes the conversation and addresses any outstanding questions or concerns.

Next Steps

By following these steps and practicing regularly, you'll be well-prepared to conduct successful sales calls that help you build strong relationships with prospects and close deals effectively.

Ideally, you’ve organized your research into Battlecards. That way, you’ll be able to reuse some of this information and share it with others for an entire team that sells more together.

The more you can use automation to speed your competitive intelligence gathering, the more time you can spend on strategy and implementing what you learn. Kompyte's growing list of AI features can help. See what's available and coming soon.

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