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Affinitiv is a leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions serving automotive manufacturers (OEMs), dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Backed by more than 20 years of automotive and marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 5,000 dealerships and every major OEM in the country. Affinitiv is fueled by the Atlas Digital Experience Platform, using unprecedented intelligence to enrich the customer experience across the automotive life cycle. With a technology-driven, consultative approach, Affinitiv drives the next-generation customer experience while creating customers for life.

Download Affinitiv Case Study

Download Affinitiv Case Study


Affinitv’s market is highly dynamic with at least 25 companies directly competing for market share serving the automotive manufacturing and dealer space. With such a crowded market, competitive and market information is key in order to position themselves effectively and take a proactive stance in sales engagements and product development. As the company continues to grow leadership in the space and new entrants appear, Affinitiv’s executive team saw the need to formalize their competitive and market intelligence program to stay ahead of the trends and drive their strategies. Prior, Affinitiv relied on an ad hoc insight gathering approach with no centralized repository for key information. Insights were scattered across individual computers, causing inefficient sharing across the GTM teams and missed opportunities. The responsibility to formalize the program was taken up by the Product Marketing team. After an extensive internal review and cross-departmental interview process, the team identified three main priorities for solving their competitive and market intel challenges:

    1. Drive a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of their competitive landscape – Not missing  key insights
    2.Enable efficiencies in gathering, analyzing and delivering insights – Automate manual tasks within the  process to better utilize team bandwidth
    3.Create a consistent, role-based cadence for intel delivery across the organization – The right insights  to the right teams, at the right time

The Affinitiv team evaluated three competitive intelligence vendors in the space, ultimately choosing Kompyte as their platform of choice to address these three priorities.


Affinitiv chose the Kompyte Competitive Intelligence Automation platform after an extensive evaluation process citing a number of factors in the decision:

  • Fit – Affinitiv Marketing is a small team so they needed a system driven by automation to minimize the  manual labor typically seen with competitive and market research and analysis.
  • People – The level of support and customer service Affinitiv enjoys from Kompyte was a key determining factor in the decision. They have a regular cadence of meetings with their Customer Success manager, as well as anytime access via email, chat or phone to ensure their continued optimization of the platform.
  • Pricing – The Affinitiv team found the Kompyte pricing model very simple and straightforward – Pricing  based on blocks of companies tracked and user licenses. Kompyte does not charge for system set-up,  additional functionality or by individual tracked companies. The model allows for Affinitiv’s easy  growth of the program without continued upcharges down the road.

Affinitiv opted for a plan specific to their needs, which includes automated tracking for up to 30 companies, providing real-time, actionable competitive insights for their 300 internal consumers, as well as full integrations with and Showpad for ease of intel capture and delivery.
Beyond tracking, collecting and analyzing insights from across their entire competitive landscape, Affinitiv also utilizes the platform’s extensive sales enablement functionality to provide dynamically updated battlecards to their teams.


After deploying the Kompyte Competitive Intelligence Automation platform, Affinitiv immediately began to see the benefits of the advanced automation and workflows. The company comprehensively tracks and collects hundreds of data points daily from 25 competitive companies in their space, with the data being fed through Kompyte’s AI engine. This engine filters, analyzes and organizes the data into strategically relevant and actionable insights. All that intel is delivered to Marketing, Sales, Product Development and the Executive Teams via automated dashboards, customized reports, alerts and notifications within their CRM system.

Affinitiv found that usability of the system provided extra value to enable them to build over 35 battlecards, customized by competitor, products, and by vertical. These battlecards serve to not only fuel more effective sales engagements, but also allow for better GTM team onboarding and training.

The Affinitiv Product Marketing team is able to reap the benefits of an end-to-end competitive and market intelligence program with only a couple hours of oversight required per week.

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“We have been delighted with the value we’ve found in Kompyte. The platform is a cost effective and efficient tool for us to stay ahead of the curve in our market. And the level of automation ensures us that we can feel confident the system is doing the time-intensive work of delivering the best intel, while we are freed up to focus on other mission critical tasks.”

~Joe Richards, Head of Product Marketing and Client Engagement | Affinitiv

With real-time, actionable, competitive insights, Affinitiv is able to drive proactive market presence and more effective sales engagements, as they continue to grow market leadership in their space.

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