How Anyline Boosted its GTM Efficiency and Effectiveness with Automated Competitive and Market Intelligence


Anyline makes data capture simple. Together with the power of cutting edge technology, they have solved the issue of Smartphone character recognition.


  • Never miss an update or get caught off-guard by a competitor

  • 360 degree insight across the market for proactive positioning

  • Deliver critical intel to field teams more consistently and efficiently

10 years ago, the iPhone was introduced to the world as the first smartphone. These devices have been reinventing themselves on a regular basis ever since. There’s only one thing they haven’t figured out how to do for users. You still need to manually type in the details of your passport, license plate, ID, drivers license, etc, when asked. Anyline had made it their mission to bridge this gap for users. With the Anyline SDK, smartphone cameras can process written characters in real time, even when offline. This is achieved with the help of a neural network. This means analog data can be digitized in the blink of an eye and then verified or validated against information in your application’s backend. Anyline also makes fewer mistakes than people and works 20 times faster.

“From day one, we were thrilled with the level of insight Kompyte has provided and the efficiency at which real-time, actionable intelligence is delivered to our teams across the company.”

~Marc Babin,
Communications Manager


Anyline operates in a niche Industry, with their offering being specific to a narrow audience. While the market category is specialized, it is however crowded and highly competitive, forcing them to fight tooth and nail for any advantage they can find. It is critically important that they not miss any insights from their competitors – updates, features, promotions, etc. and fall out of position, becoming reactive to market events. As Anyline continues to grow rapidly in an expanding market, the need for a more formal competitive intelligence process became all the more important to efficiently and effectively manage their initiative.


  • Manage competitive and market intelligence initiatives more effectively.
  • Enable consistently proactive GTM positioning through real-time competitive and market intelligence.
  • Keeping the organization up-to-date on intelligence in an efficient manner.

Download ANYLINE Case Study

Download ANYLINE Case Study


After evaluating other competitive intelligence solutions, Anyline found Kompyte Competitive Intelligence Automation to be the best fit for their strategic initiatives. As the company has evolved from start-up to scale-up phase, many ad-hoc tasks, like competitive and market intelligence, must become more formal and comprehensive. They recognized they needed a tool to better manage intelligence across a broad digital landscape.

Kompyte provided the Anyline team with the most comprehensive scope of data insights from across the market in the most efficient and automated manner of any offering available. Kompyte’s full end-to-end intelligence capabilities coupled with Artificial Intelligence-driven automation workflows and analysis provided the company with the right solution they needed to stay ahead of all market events and competitor updates.


Confidence in Competitive and Market Intelligence Initiatives

A key benefit the Anyline team has realized with the deployment of the Kompyte platform is a significant increase in the confidence they have in their strategic initiatives. From the C-Suite on down, the organization is assured that it will not miss key insights from the market, relying on the comprehensive, automated collection and analysis workflows to deliver the right intel to the teams.

The team very quickly realized that the sheer scale at which Kompyte collects information and filters the data to relevance was far superior to anything they had experienced prior. The system automation and AI-driven analysis allowed the team to immediately reap the benefits of highly strategic intel, while not having to manually sift through and filter out the “noise”. This enabled the team to act on the right intelligence to drive stronger sales enablement and proactive market positioning.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Anyline was spending on average 8 hour per week manually researching it’s Tier One competitors, collecting and analyzing competitive insights in an Ad Hoc manner. Along with being a highly inefficient endeavor, they recognized that they were regularly missing key competitive insights from the market and this was putting them at a strategic disadvantage. Upon deploying Kompyte, they were able to reduce the resources spent on CI research and analysis to 1 hour per week, while being able to effectively track additional companies in their space with the confidence that they will not miss any key insights.

“With Kompyte, we have ultimate confidence in our CI initiative, knowing we have eyes and ears everywhere in the market. The C-Suite team has the assurance that we won’t miss anything and we have a much clearer understanding of our current competitors and who is emerging as a competitor.”

~Marc Babin, Communications Manager | Anyline


From everyone at Kompyte, we thank Anyline for helping us drive our vision to help companies reinvent the way they compete. We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our differentiation and value to the market. It’s time to automate and streamline your competitive intelligence program, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

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