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We hope you’re inspired when you see how competitive intelligence automation provides real-time insights that enable better outcomes, save time for the product marketing and sales enablement teams, and keeps everyone confidently working from the same source of always-updated information.


Note: Participants were compensated for their participation in the creation of this case study. The opinions expressed here are their own.


DevOps company finds peace of mind and the ability to successfully pivot conversations with prospects.



Circle CI is a DevOps product that manages change for software teams so they can innovate faster. 


A vast competitive landscape, limited bandwidth, and no centralized source of truth.

Because the entire industry is relatively new, the competitor landscape is complex. There are few direct competitors but several indirect competitors to keep up with.

They knew they were making trade offs based on  limited bandwidth - looking at just a few competitors or not looking into several important alternatives at the depth required. They were certain they were missing important insights.

This left the sales team uncertain as to whether they were using the most current insights and differentiators. 

“Because we didn’t have one central source aggregating a lot of these trends and bringing in the kind of information that would help us in making business decisions or understanding how the landscape was changing, there was a lot of uncertainty.”


A comprehensive, automated competitive intelligence program with Kompyte

CircleCI needed the team to feel confident in their product differentiators and the current state of the market at any given time. They found Kompyte to be a partner in successfully monitoring the industry. The way Kompyte aggregates trends, integrates with Salesforce, and boosts efficiency by catching important trends and filtering out the noise means everyone has easy access to real-time insights that help the sales team win more deals.

CicleCI evaluated a couple of other solutions and had some conversations, but where Komptyte originally stood out was in the first interactions with the team and their understanding of the industry.

“(Kompyte knew) enough about the DevOps landscape and about what CircleCI was interested in to be able to highlight a couple of trends that were of interest to me. Kompyte had the power to be able to pretty straight away pick up some of the trends that I was most interested in.”


Peace of mind and empowered sales teams

The marketing and enablement teams started receiving compliments regarding the confidence the team had gained because of having up-to-date Battlecards available at all time. The sales team in particular enjoyed being able to use the insights to successfully pivot conversations with prospects and customers, which in turn improved outcomes.

“It's also about the peace of mind in knowing that, when something happens, whether that's CircleCI releasing a new feature or from in-market actions, very quickly we'll be able to understand what happened, internalize it, analyze it, and create recommendations, updating battle cards or customer facing content accordingly. It makes that whole process so seamless that it offers great assuredness and peace of mind.”


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“We can spot competitive opportunities or strengths that could have been missed through a manual review of our competitive landscape.”

“Kompyte is a great place where we’ve centralized all of our competitor insights to make it easier for our organization to access. Once you get Kompyte set up, it runs on its own.”

“With Kompyte we have the tools we need to collect and distribute insights across teams. And, Kompyte’s support is really great —they are always happy to jump on a call when we need them.”

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