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EagleView Sees Sales Team Adoption Soar with Kompyte

Participants were compensated for their participation in the creation of this case study. The opinions expressed here are their own.


Eagleview already had a competitive intelligence platform, but it wasn’t working.

There was little to no adoption by the team, Battlecards needed to be updated manually, and they were never able to get the Salesforce integration working. The burden of all-manual updates meant that Battlecards were often out of date, which reinforced the lack of adoption on the team.

After evaluating three potential solutions, EagleView chose Kompyte for the unlimited Battlecards, reasonable pricing, and the extensive automations. The setup process brought some unexpected benefits in the form of their dedicated customer success representative. And now, data research analyst Jenny Wu cannot get enough of the detailed reporting.  

Note: Participants were compensated for their participation in the creation of this case study. The opinions expressed here are their own.



EagleView is a leading provider of aerial imagery, property insights and software that transforms the way people work.

EagleView holds more than 300 patents and owns a large geospatial data and imagery library encompassing 94 percent of the US population. EagleView provides highly accurate data, enabling customers in the government, construction, insurance and solar industries to make timely, informed and better decisions.


Battlecards were outdated because updating required too much manual work. Salespeople weren’t sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team, so success came down to the skill of each person, which was not sustainable or efficient.

They also needed separate repositories for Reports and Battlecards for their two main industries. 

“(Success was) based on the salesperson's experience and knowledge personally, instead of having a resource that could aid them in the call, it fell upon the sales rep to do all the work themselves.”



Kompyte, with its “automated elements” and a platform that “makes it easier in general to share the Battlecards with anybody.”

Automations Make Battlecard Updates Easy

Maintaining updated Battlecards and reports takes just a couple of hours per week - a huge improvement over their previous solution.

“We really like that Kompyte pulls in information automatically.”

Powerful Integrations with Existing Tools

Embedded Battlecards make it easy for salespeople to access everything they need right in Salesforce and Highspot and for anyone to add new insights via Slack.

“My personal favorite is the Slack integration. It's very easy for me to share intel back and forth.”

Unlimited Battlecards

They’re able to record and share insights even on competitors they’re not tracking in Kompyte.

“It's been really useful that I can create Battlecards for all our manually tracked competitors. So even the ones that don't have a big internet presence, we can still have cards and information for our reps, for any company. Regardless of whether or not it is tracked.”

Fast, Simple Setup and Onboarding

The EagleView team was pleasantly surprised by how much support was provided during their approximately 3 weeks of onboarding. Their dedicated cs rep even conducted training sessions for both of their biggest industry teams. AND, their Salesforce integration was successfully implemented immediately.

“My experience with Kompyte definitely exceeded my expectations. It was a very, very smooth onboarding process from both Chris, our sales rep, and Kim, who was our account manager. She was great with training, communicating, helping us set up the account.”

Team-Based Battlecards and Reports

Now the commercial team sees ONLY the assets useful to them and the government team sees only what they need! Advanced security settings help keep sales reps focused. 

EagleView uses Kompyte to provide teams access to only the resources they need.



6,700 Battlecard views in the first 30 days

Kompyte has picked up nearly 10 thousand competitor insights in the past 90 days. Adoption has soared as salespeople see the value in updated Kompyte Battlecards.  

“There wasn't a lot of adoption at our old CI platform across the government team specifically … In 30 days, we've had over 6,700 views on our Battlecards.”

Automations and ease of use means the Battlecards are up to date

EagleView can see what people are searching for and if they’re not finding the information they want. Automated elements make updating easy. 

“With Kompyte it's a lot easier because a lot of the fields are automated or things are tracked and can auto-populate basically.”

EagleView Teams Have a Centralized Knowledge-Sharing System

Insights and learnings shared across the team. As a remote team, word of mouth doesn’t happen without the help of technology. With easy integrations, the team contributes insights, allowing everyone access to the same deal-winning information.

“EagleView is mostly remote, so a lot of our teams are counting on some type of platform to put all our information on. It was really useful for Kompyte to have the Suggest feature and just being able to share Intel easily.”

Full Transparency Into Adoption

Since increasing adoption was an important goal for the new competitive intelligence program, EagleView appreciates the detailed usage reporting. Knowing which Battlecards are accessed more often lets them know where to concentrate their efforts.

"I like how detailed that it is and that you can see literally anything you could want to know in terms of user information. And it also helps me know which Battlecards people are viewing the most so that I can make sure that the information is relevant and up to date."

Going Forward

Encouraged by the adoption and buy in from the sales team, Jenny is looking forward to tracking the impact of using approved messaging on win/loss rates (updates to come!).  They’ve already found more ways to use Battlecards which are not strictly related to competitive intelligence as well. 

“I've had some requests for us to modify the Battlecard documents for other projects.So that's been sort of cool. Specifically in sales. They've done different trainings with our integrations and we've been able to basically modify the Battlecards to be resources for those.”


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“We can spot competitive opportunities or strengths that could have been missed through a manual review of our competitive landscape.”

“Kompyte is a great place where we’ve centralized all of our competitor insights to make it easier for our organization to access. Once you get Kompyte set up, it runs on its own.”

“With Kompyte we have the tools we need to collect and distribute insights across teams. And, Kompyte’s support is really great —they are always happy to jump on a call when we need them.”

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