Influitive Chooses Kompyte for its 3 Ps: Product, People and Price


The leader in customer engagement software, Influitive, recognized that its existing competitive and market intelligence gathering methods were unscalable and difficult to manage. The Sales team wanted an automated solution that would integrate all competitor information into one place and make it easy to analyze. After evaluating three possible automated CI solutions, the team chose to implement Kompyte due to its superior product, people, and price. Influitive now has more competitive insights, higher win rates, and a more comprehensive product roadmap than ever before.

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Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Influitive is a leading customer marketing and advocacy, community, and engagement platform that enables customer marketing programs to increase referrals, references and reviews. IBM, Cisco, and ADP are just a few of the global brands that rely on Influitive’s SaaS-based solution to foster collaboration, build trust, and deepen relationships with their customers. The company has maintained G2 category leadership in customer advocacy and community management for several years.

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Download Influitive Case Study


Too much competitor information to manage

As a pioneer in customer marketing and advocacy, Influitive has experienced rapid growth and increased competition in recent years. As its market intensified, it became increasingly difficult to scale competitive and market intelligence gathering. There was too much competition and market information to keep track of in too many places. The Product team recognized that the company needed an automated solution that would aggregate all of its competitor and market information in one location and enable the team to analyze the details and identify insights.


Kompyte’s product, people, and price

Influitive evaluated three competitive intelligence solutions, including Kompyte. According to Alex Ruddock, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing and Product Management at Influitive, the company chose Kompyte for three reasons: product, people, and price. Ruddock recognized that Kompyte is “a fully loaded CI tool with excellent automation capabilities,” adding, “I like the ease of use. The Collect Feed is super straightforward and powerful.” Ruddock’s team values the ability to customize all aspects of the Kompyte platform. They also appreciated that it integrates seamlessly with Influitive’s existing tech stack, including a Chrome Extension, Slack, and Salesforce.

As for Kompyte’s Sales and Customer Success teams, Ruddock notes that the Kompyte Customer Success team is proactive and has “dedicated employees who will act as partners at every step of the journey. Their expertise helped us get up and running quickly.” He also appreciates the team assists that remove a lot of the manual burden for his internal team, adding, “I love that when we add new competitors, we get help tagging all the key pages. This has allowed us to focus on the insights and less on the manual work of connecting all the data sources — a major value driver, in my opinion.

Finally, Ruddock adds that Kompyte’s pricing was very competitive. This, combined with the value delivered by its product and customer success teams, ultimately made Influitive’s decision to choose Kompyte easy.


Higher win-rates and full Battlecards

Ruddock says that his team has built up a large library of better and more accessible competitive insights using Kompyte. The Influitive team has reaped significant benefits, not the least of which is improved win rates against key competitors. With Kompyte’s two-way Salesforce integration, Influitive’s team can view a comprehensive win/loss analysis that includes details such as win/loss rates, deals won and lost, and deal size. Ruddock says that the reason for Influitive’s improved win rates is that “Sales feels like they have more intelligence to use against the competition. We have better Battlecards and more accurate firmographics.” Summing up the impact of Kompyte’s CI solution, Ruddock adds, “We just know so much more about the competition.


Kompyte is not just for Sales

Going forward, it’s not just Influitive’s Sales team that will benefit from Kompyte. The platform is also delivering new opportunities in other departments. Ruddock says that the rest of the company can access Kompyte’s CI insights and take advantage of them in their day-to-day roles. He notes, “Our understanding of the market and the competition has really improved. One of the main benefits has been to our leadership team and our product team, who are using Kompyte to inform tactical and strategic decisions about our product roadmap.

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