How LegalZoom® maintains their competitive advantage


LegalZoom is a technology platform giving access to professional legal advice so people can protect what matters most.


  • Stop competitors from capitalizing on the LegalZoom brand name
  • Detect emerging competitors before they can steal market share
  • Uncover new ways to reach prospective buyers online

Since 1999 LegalZoom has made it their business to make legal help more widely available to all, not just the wealthy. After 20 years, and more than 3.6M customers, they have set the industry standard in online legal forms and advice.

“Kompyte saves me five hours a month, personally. It also adds a lot of competitive insight that I previously just didn’t have time to look into.”

~Chelsea-Lynn Schulz,
Digital Marketing Manager


Before Kompyte, Chelsea and her team would do loads of manual research to best understand what their competitors were up to. However, they still felt like there wasn’t a clear line of sight into emerging competitors, shifts in the marketplace and messaging that performed best across their buyers. They needed a tool to help automate their competitor research, and tie together the trends they were seeing in other digital marketing tools.

“We agreed on Kompyte after evaluating several other vendors because we were pleased with the level of customer support we received, and the technology not only addressed our needs, but gave added value.”

~Chelsea-Lynn Schulz, Digital Marketing Manager


Competitor detection & real-time alerts

LegalZoom has a widely recognized brand name in a dynamic market where new competitors enter the space all the time. It was close to impossible to monitor all competitors, much less every emerging competitor. To compound the issue, less principled competitors leverage the LegalZoom brand name in search ads in an attempt to steal market share. The team needed a tool that would catch competitors moving into the market as well as infringing on their search ads.

With Kompyte, Chelsea and her team found they could set up real-time alerts to be notified whenever new competitors entered the market and anytime a trademark violation was detected.

“Now, we know when a competitor enters the market using our brand name in campaigns and we have the evidence we need to take action, preventing any serious impact to our campaigns.”

~Chelsea-Lynn Schulz , Digital Marketing Manager


Uncovering messaging opportunities

In addition, the LegalZoom team also found the Kompyte keyword discovery and Web tracking functionality allowed them to uncover hidden opportunities based on their competitors’ search strategies and landing page messaging. “We found groups of keywords our competitors were bidding heavily on that we just never thought about bidding on before,” said Chelsea. “I am also able to see all our competitors landing pages, ad copy in one place… and that alone saves me a ton of time. “

“Some competitors can come into the marketplace and really skyrocket because they bring in a whole new take on legal forms and advice. Kompyte gives us an automated way to keep up with our competitors and dive into things that I just don’t think that we’ve had time to do previously.”

~Chelsea-Lynn Schulz, Digital Marketing Manager



From everyone at Kompyte, we thank LegalZoom for helping us drive our vision to help companies reinvent the way they compete. We believe our customer-centric approach is core to our own differentiation and value to the market. If it’s time to enhance your competitive intelligence program, find or maintain your competitive advantage, sign up for a personalized demonstration today.

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