How Social Solutions Boosted its GTM Efficiency and Effectiveness with an Automated Competitive and Market Intelligence Initiative


Social Solutions provides software solutions to the nonprofit world to empower these organizations with resources and tools that help them measure and accelerate the progress they bring to the world. 


  • Create efficiency in collecting and analyzing real-time competitive insights
  • Deliver sales enablement materials more effectively to field teams
  • Centralize all insight gathering and distribution for a comprehensive repository of market intel
Social Solutions is the leading provider of cloud software for nonprofit and public sector social service organizations. Their product portfolio offers clients the most comprehensive and secure social good platform available, including case management, participant connection, data insights, outcome analytics and funder enablement solutions. Based in Austin, Texas, Social Solutions was founded 20 years ago by social workers who saw the potential of technology to improve outcomes and help accelerate lasting social change in the communities they serve. To date, more than 90,000 users have adopted the Social Solutions platform to improve their data by measuring and optimizing outcomes.

“From day one, we were thrilled with the level of insight Kompyte has provided and the efficiency at which real-time, actionable intelligence is delivered to our teams across the company.”

~Zac Elbel,
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Social Solutions recognized that their competitive landscape was quickly evolving, with more and more of their sales deals across their market becoming competitive. As new companies enter their space and long-time competitors continue to challenge, the Marketing team at the company realized they were spending much more time each month doing manual research and curating insights on their market landscape. This proved to be too time consuming for the team as it was taking time away from other mission critical initiatives, and the intel gathered was not timely enough to proactively drive the desired results.

Download the case study to learn how Social Solutions uses Kompyte to:


  • Streamline Competitive Research
  • Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • Uncover New Opportunities Across Departments

Download Social Solutions Case Study

Download Social Solutions Case Study

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