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How Podium is able to track 60 competitors and deliver over 75 Battlecards with Kompyte




Podium is a software solution for small businesses looking to modernize their approach. Providing solutions such as getting more reviews, text marketing campaigns, collecting payments, and centralizing communications. Podium was founded in 2014, has multiple offices across the world, and was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company.



“It felt daunting trying to keep tabs on our competitors.”


  • They struggled to keep track of product announcements and website changes.
  • They wanted to enable their sales teams with real-time competitive insights.
  • They needed to better position their products in reaction to the market.

Automatic real-time competitor tracking from Kompyte.

  • Automation and AI serve up key competitor insights
  • Always up-to-date Battlecards and reports made accessible to all teams

"Once you get Kompyte set up, it runs on its own."


  • Equips all their teams - sales, product, and marketing with the latest competitor insights - automatically
  • Podium now tracks over 60 companies and houses all of their Battlecards in one place.

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What our customers say

“We can spot competitive opportunities or strengths that could have been missed through a manual review of our competitive landscape.”

“Kompyte is a great place where we’ve centralized all of our competitor insights to make it easier for our organization to access. Once you get Kompyte set up, it runs on its own.”

“With Kompyte we have the tools we need to collect and distribute insights across teams. And, Kompyte’s support is really great —they are always happy to jump on a call when we need them.”

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