How Ruby is able to analyze the market efficiently and enable their sales teams with Kompyte


Ruby provides a live receptionist service to small businesses. Their highly trained receptionists use proprietary software to personalize a website visitor’s experience. Collecting information, answering questions, and more. Making it easier for those small businesses to follow up.


Ruby was having issues keeping track of all the changes in the market. Including new players in the market and additional customer needs that could be met by Ruby. The time investment necessary to keep track of these market changes manually was not efficient.


Kompyte provides a solution that is able to track numerous competitors with real-time insights powered by AI and automation. Alleviating the time used to manually track competitors whenever they make new announcements or changes to their websites. Also, Kompyte fuels better enablement with better Battlecards and Reports that can help keep the organization up-to-date on their competitors.


With Kompyte, Ruby is able to track over 30 companies and enable their Sales and Customer Success teams with the latest information pertaining to their market and competitors. Evolving their messaging and positioning statements. “Kompyte helps ensure we find the best-in-class solutions for our own customers”.

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