November 22, 2014

Do you know what your competitors are doing right now?

Your customers do.

Track all of your competitors’ updates in real-time

If your customers are researching your competitors before making a buying decision, shouldn’t you?

Before & After Time Machine

See instantly who put up a new banner, adjusted their prices, updated their features page, or any other change down to the tiniest detail, then be ready to respond!

New Search Ads Alerts

Competitor AdWords Tracking Software

Every time your competitors update or publish a new AdWords campaign in Google, you will get an alert!

SEO Ranks Tracking

Competitor SEO Tracking Software

Track all updates in Search Engine Ranks from your competition and learn from their strategy.


Content & Blog Analytics in Real-Time

Competitor Content Tracking Software

Track and analyze their content marketing strategy see which topics are receiving the most engagement and what content your audience ignores.

Social Media Tracking Tools

Competitor Social Media Tracking Software

Social media has never been so easy – don’t just measure your impact, steal the KPIs of every competitor, on every major social network.


New Competitor Detector

Be alerted the moment they enter your market and never be caught off guard

Competitor Detector

Track new competitors from Day One! If a new player breaks into your space, Kompyte alerts you in real-time.

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Live Competitive Benchmark Reports

Steal your competitors’ KPIs with one click.

  • Competitor 1 100%
  • Competitor 2 70%
  • Competitor 3 60%
  • Competitor 4 50%
  • Competitor 5 35%

Real-time Competitor Analytics

Access the reports your competitors’ don’t want you to see.

Competitor analytics
Pull real-time reports on each one of your competitors at anytime. See their KPIs and analyze their entire digital marketing strategy.
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