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Get Your Sales Performance Template

You take the performance of your team and every salesperson personally. You want the team and each individual to reach full potential. But in the busy day-to-day of supporting your team, it’s easy to lose sight of the details.

Enter your new Sales Performance Template with win/loss calculator.


With this template, you’ll always know how your team and each individual on it is performing in terms of:

  • Revenue in pipeline
  • Productivity
  • Deals won
  • Competitive win rate
  • Performance
  • Messaging Adoption

You’ll also see clearly, and perhaps for the first time, exactly how messaging adoption impacts competitive win rates and overall performance.

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“We can spot competitive opportunities or strengths that could have been missed through a manual review of our competitive landscape.”

“Kompyte is a great place where we’ve centralized all of our competitor insights to make it easier for our organization to access. Once you get Kompyte set up, it runs on its own.”

“With Kompyte we have the tools we need to collect and distribute insights across teams. And, Kompyte’s support is really great —they are always happy to jump on a call when we need them.”

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