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How Does Your Win Rate in Q2 Compare with Last Quarter?


Have tightening budgets and ongoing talk about the "R" word impacted your win rates? Tell us about it! 

As a token of our appreciation, two lucky participants will get a $50 Amazon gift card!

Want to know how your answers compare with others? If we get at least 100 responses, we'll publish the results in a future email, so please share this survey!

Winners will be chosen at random. One entry per person, please.

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“We can spot competitive opportunities or strengths that could have been missed through a manual review of our competitive landscape.”

“Kompyte is a great place where we’ve centralized all of our competitor insights to make it easier for our organization to access. Once you get Kompyte set up, it runs on its own.”

“With Kompyte we have the tools we need to collect and distribute insights across teams. And, Kompyte’s support is really great —they are always happy to jump on a call when we need them.”

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