Sales Enablement Powered by Automated Competitive Intelligence

Keep your sales team on the same page.

Sales Enablement Powered by Automated Competitive Intelligence 

Keep your sales team on the same page.

Kompyte takes the hassle out of competitor intelligence. Scanning 500 million data sources daily we uncover crucial competitor insights, making it easier to develop and distribute sales enablement materials inside the tools your team already uses.

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How Competitor Intelligence & Sales Enablement works with Kompyte

Kompyte monitors your competitive landscape, enabling your product marketing and sales teams to effectively position your products and win more deals with competitive intelligence.

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Collect Competitive and Market Intelligence

Kompyte automatically tracks your competitors’ updates across hundreds of sources and millions of data points.

Next, AI filters out the noise, surfacing actionable updates that might otherwise go unnoticed.

What used to take days now takes about an hour a week.

Collect Competitive and Market Intelligence

Take the manual work out of tracking competitors. With help from automation, spend your time curating insights and building sales enablement resources to win more deals instead.

Kompyte scours only the web pages that are relevant to you, comparing today’s version with previous versions to spot important changes.

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The Kompyte

Translate Intelligence into Actionable Insights

Filtering out the noise to leave useful insights, Kompyte pulls in only what is useful to you.

Kompyte-Conceptshots-Salesforc-battlecard-winratesBattlecards Your Sales Team will Actually Use

The best Battlecard is the one they’ll use.

That’s why we built bi-directional integrations with the CRMs and tools your sales team uses every day.

  • Measure and increase the adoption of always-updated battlecards and reports
  • Surface the direct impact of your competitive initiatives on revenue with automated win/loss calculations
  • Improve sales training, enabling new reps to sell faster.

Distribute Insights and Alerts with Battlecards

Kompyte Battlecards and reports are changed in one place and automatically updated everywhere, meaning your team always has up-to-date intel. Workflows and alerts keep people informed of vital updates in real time.

Sales Battlecards enable sales to have consistently-successful sales calls
Measure the results of messaging and Battlecard usage and adoption

Measure Results

Win rates, competitive win rates, deal size, sales cycle, messaging, and Battlecard adoption rates - they’re all easy to spot - right down to the level of each sales rep. 

Integrates with the Tools You Use Everyday

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  • Salesforce-web-integrations
  • Slack-web-integrations
  • microsoft-teams-web-integrations
  • GoogleDrive-web-integrations
  • oneDrive-web-integrations
  • Highspot-web-integrations
  • Showpad-web-integrations
Hubspot Integration
Salesforce Integration
Slack Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Google Drive Integration
One Drive Integration

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What can I do with Kompyte?

Keep up with your competitors' pricing, product, hiring, messaging, reviews, advertising, and much more. Product marketers and sales leaders use competitive intelligence tools like Kompyte to:

  • Enable sales teams to have more effective conversations and close more deals

  • Help marketing teams create better go-to-market plans and competitive strategies

  • Empower product teams to plan stronger roadmaps and build powerful differentiators with competitive insights and market intelligence.

Why do I need competitive intelligence software?

Take Back Your Time with Automation

If the 500 million+ data sources Kompyte monitors are publicly available online, why would you need competitive intelligence automation? The answer is in the question!

Manual competitive intelligence programs are time consuming, tedious, and prone to errors and omissions of crucial competitive data.

Empower Your Team with Real-Time Insights

If you’ve been gathering competitive data on your own, you know that what you collect is only as useful as it is current, actionable, and accessible.

Kompyte creates a single source of truth so that every team uses the same up-to-date feeds, alerts, Reports, and Battlecards - all available in the tools they already use.

See the Power of Competitive Intelligence Automation.

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